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New on here, not new to Crohns but need advice

Hi all, I was dx with Crohns in 2004 and over the years experienced fairly mild symptoms with manageable flare ups. In the last 6 or so months I've started to experience really awful stomach spasms and I started passing the most vile smelling gas. I mentioned this at my last check up and the dr arranged for a colonoscopy. During the procedure I 'woke up' even though I was heavily sedated. I went back for the results last week and found out that that the area that connects large to small bowel was very narrow, so narrow that the camera couldn't pass through, this is what woke me - they were shoving the camera and it bloody hurt! Anyway I've to have a ct to see how bad the stricture is with surgery being an almost definite. I've always had diarrhea until 3 days ago, now I'm constipated and it is agonizing! I'm trying to go to the bathroom and all I manage are a few pebbles. Is this anything to do with the stricture and should I be worried? TIA
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Hi lynso, welcome to the forum. I woke up once during a colonoscopy too and it was for the same reasons you did, they had to push too hard to get into the terminal ileum and the pain wakes you up. Went back to sleep very quickly but not fun.
Since you usually have diarrhoea and are now just passing pebbles I would say there is definitely some degree of blockage going on, although I have noticed in the past that my bowel motions are much less after being cleaned out for a colonoscopy. Are you passing wind? Luckily you have a ct booked cos it does sound like something is going on - but of course that is only my non expert medical advice. Yoou do need to follow up on this asap - particularly since you're having a lot of pain. All the best,

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I agree that it sounds like the stricture is causing a bit of a blockage, what type of foods are you able to eat at the moment? Are you able to get a hold of your doc easily/quickly to let them know about this?


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Hey there Lynso. Welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble right now

If at any point the pain you're experiencing gets any worse than it is, be sure to head in to the emergency department.

Have they talked about when you might be facing surgery?
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Hi all, thanks for your replies. I have an IBD nurse that I can call to arrange an appt for me to see Dr if things get bad. I can't tolerate fibre and when I do eat it I get terrible diarrhea so I tried eating an apple and some raw carrots thinking that would get me moving but nothing has happened :-( If I can't make a proper BM in the next few days I'll contact my nurse.
Thanks for being so welcoming and for your advice
L xxx

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