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How long till you feel effects of a problem food?

Hi all,
I feel like everything gives me a stomach ache to a certain extent, and one of the biggest problems I feel I have is that I don't know how long it takes most people to feel a problem food. If you eat a "problem food," do you feel gas/cramps/etc 20 minutes later? 1 hour later? The next day? I just have no idea and thats killing me! Thanks
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I've known in as little as 30 minutes something I ate wasn't right for me.

I remember when I went in for some intestional test, and I had to drink Barium, I broke their record for the time I drank the barium till it reached the intestions for the X-Rays - 30 minutes.

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yup, within 30minutes and you should know if something is wrong

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depends if its something which is going to upset my digestion, or if it disagrees with me bodily. the latter can be within minutes, digestion wise, i'd say half an hour minimum, sometimes during the night when i'm sleeping.
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Maybe I'm slow, but it takes me 3 to 6 hours. I think it takes that long to work down to the colon. I don't get any stomach cramps. I do feel exhausted within 30 minutes afterwards.
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I get pains within 30 minutes if something disagrees with me. However I also find I can eat some foods in moderation, and if I eat too much of them it is more of a slow build up over several hours, with wind that night and d the next morning.
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When I accidently swallowed a bit of mouthwash, it took 10 minutes max for the pain to set in. Eek!

Otherwise, 30+ mins is about right.

Even with quick reactions to troublesome foods, my gears seem to move quite slowly -- barium test was more than 90 mins, 4 litres of colonoscopy prep didn't work for me AT ALL -- but I don't know if I'm right or not about this guess.
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about 10-15 mins
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I also have to make a run for it after about 10-15 mins, but then this doesn't happen to everyone.
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It depends on what it was. With red meat and certain spices, it usually doesn't bother me until the next day. With most other things it is within the hour.

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It might actually be to your advantage if it acts that quickly. It makes it easy to identify the trigger foods. For me, I had to think back over the entire previous day........Lynne
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Yes it does, those foods I can't tolerate stand out like a sore thumb (or bum as the case may be). It's harder to tell the other foods that have a slower effect, for example most times red meat is OK but I have found I can't eat it too often, or with other foods that have a slow effect.
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4 hours. Give or take, depends on what I ate. I am careful of what I eat. Had NY fries yesterday...yeah I know but havent had that in years, but I used Digestive enzymes and I didnt pay... whew!
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I've actually started feeling it as I was still eating! Usually though, it's about 30-45 minutes later.


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It depends on what I ingested. Liquids I can feel it within 10-15 minutes. If it's a solid, anywhere within 30 minutes, it just depends on how badly it reacts with me.
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for me-about 30-45 minutes.
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Depends on what it is..mostly though it's within the hour of me taking it in! If I am already feeling crappy or feel a flair coming, it can affect me within seconds of taking it in!

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