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Is it safe to get pregnant?

I was diagnosed with Crohns almost a year ago and my boyfriend and I would like to start a family. I haven't had a flare up since March. I was on Pentasa when I had this flare up and was hospitalized and put on pretazone (would never like to see that medication AGAIN) I was then switched to Azathioprine since then I have spoken to my specialist and he seems pretty certain that it would totally safe to get pregnant but my family doctor (though she admits to not being an expert on the medication) doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of me getting pregnant while on this medication. I have thought about switching but since I as well have polly arthritis this medication helps with both issues and don't want to risk having a flare up while pregnant. I'm also very ansey and excited of the idea of having a baby if I can avoid prolonging having children the happier I'd be but on that note I don't want to be selfish and have an unhealthy baby. Can anyone help?
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You should also consult with am OB/GYN - many people find they go into remission while pregnant (I did) - while others don't have as easy a time. I'm sure others here can chime in too - I was on 6-MP when I got pregnant, stopped it around month 5-6 with no problems.

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There are many medications that can be used while pregnant ( Might want to read this over as well:

There are many members on the forum who have children and have IBD who were also on medication. Hope all goes well and keep us posted.
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Hi Daisyduke,
Welcome to CrohnsForum.
The literature on Azathioprine shows it as a Pregnancy Category D drug. This means there is evidence of fetal damage when the mother takes this drug during pregnancy.
Here is CrohnsForum Wiki Page on Azathioprine.

and more specifics on what type of fetal abnormalities are associated with Azathioprine HERE

we also have a Wiki page showing common IBD medications and their Pregnancy Categories Here:
Pregnancy Categories for Drugs

I hope it helps and best of luck with your new family.
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Hello and welcome to the forum

I am 6mp (kind of like the 'sister' drug to Aza) and am pregnant and the docs have said it is fine to continue with this - they have previous experience of treating pregnant women with this and the Aza. They also feel that because I was in remission when I fell pregnant that I am more likely to be problem free tummy wise throughout. The only extra 'care' I am getting is two more scans towards the end of the pregnancy to check the baby is gaining weight properly due to the malabsorbtion issues you can get with crohn's.

Hope this helps!


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Thankyou everyone for your help
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To add a little, when Angrybird just mentioned she was on 6MP still while pregnant my eyes went and I began researching and found this.
It's good to be back
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Hello I took Azathioprine 150mg daily all the way through my pregnancy, my GI consultant was happy with this and discouraged me from stopping it. my OB Consultant was also fine with it. I could not breast feed though. I had to have a couple of growth scans to make sure everything was ok. Baby was averege size at every scan and doctors had no concerns. Also had regular check ups and blood tests. My baby was born 6 weeks early weighing 5lb 4oz, nothing to do with meds apparently, he is now a very happy, healthy 2 year old Now on 125mg of Azathioprine and hoping to have another bundle of joy in the near future. Hope this helps.
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Hi Daisy,

I was diagnosed August 2009, took an 8 week course of steroids, then pentasa (which failed) after that I was on Mezavant, I got pregnant May 2010 and my Dr assured me it was safe to stay on my meds and to carry on taking them whilst I was pregnant. I was fantastic through my pregnancy, had no flares etc. I had a prefectly healthy baby boy who was born on his due date and was a healthy 7,14oz. I had no flare ups after the birth either.

Good luck x

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