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New dual treatment plan

My colonoscopy came back unimproved after 6 months of humira . Today my doctor decided upon cimzia and Imuran as my next course of treatment. She was extremely through explaining side effects and I am having lab work done now to assure that I am elligible for the Imuran. She said Imuran takes 3 months to start working. Cimzia is going to be used to replace the humira I'm so happy no more pens! I'd rather have syringes I'm pretty sure! Any advice from people who are on both these simultaneously!
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Sorry to hear the tum is still not settled for you hun, I have been on the Aza before with good results tummy wise (it caused issues in other areas) but do not have any experience with Cimzia. Will be keeping fingers crossed these can sort things for you.


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