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Pimple, i think

hi everyone. In may i got what looked like a pimple or boil on side of mouth. I was getting pimples before on face and they went away in about 2 to 3 weeks. I'm 49 so i;m thinking its to do with menopause. But back to pimple on side of mouth. I would use warm compresses and some stuff came out for about 3 days. I saw dr. and said cold sore and gave me some cream which i did not use. Well it lasted about 2 months and it would burn. Now the last 2 months i got what looked like a pimple at back of ear and i used the compresses and it broke with some blood coming out of it and that was it. It looks flat now but a small red spot is there and it burns once in awhile. I was hoping it would go away like the last one. Its about 2 months now i have it. I have a dermotologist appt in jan/2013. I was dx with uc but they think maybe Crohn's now. Any advice would be appreciated.
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When you say "side of mouth" do you mean on the outside? Sores in the mouth related to Crohn's are usually inside of the mouth. I'm not sure that the pimple on the ear would be related to Crohn's at all. Good luck and I hope your dermatologist appointment goes well.
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thanks for reply. It was on outside. I hope it goes away soon, but if it does i'm still going to keep my appt.
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Does it look sorta like this?

It's good to be back
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That is a very long lasting cold sore....
Usually cold sores begin to form a crusty layer as they start to heal. And the lesion behind the ear?? Hmmm.

I would be concerned about a bacterial infection that is causing an infection within the skin. It is easy to get some of the bacteria under the fingernail and scratch a different area (ex. behind the ear) which could infect this new area causing the second boil. I would wash your hands very thoroughly when cleaning either lesion. The doctor may give you a cream based antibiotic or an antibiotic in pill form to get rid of the infection when you have the appointment.

What is the cream you were originally given? If he wanted to treat a cold sore (caused by a virus) it will probably not have any effect on a bacterial infection if that is what you have.

I am glad you are going to see the doctor. If you get a fever please make certain you are seen immediately. Sometimes abscesses can get very bad very quickly.
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no it does not look like that picture. I can't seem to find the cream he gave me, but i remember it was for herpes something. Thanks for replies.
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I occasionally get what looks like a pimple or small boil (both, actually) in odd places, usually on areas where skin is thin over cartilage. Had one on my elbow that came and went, one just inside the edge of my ear, and I have one on the side of a toe that never goes away. I keep them clean and use an antibacterial ointment on them.

They come and go. I think it's related to the Crohn's but there doesn't seem to be a name for it. This all started after I got sick, but before I was diagnosed and still continues.

A cold sore will usually respond to large doses of L-lysine - about 8-10 500 mg tablets a day. It's harmless, but the virus that causes cold sores doesn't like it at all.
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Perhaps MRSA?

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