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Today's a bad day...

95% of the time I manage to tough it out.
I go to college 15 hours a week. I do u told of homework. I have doctors visits every month

I've had severe pain since may, I am constantly changing meds.

This weekend I managed to cope with feeling unwell and my bowels opening more frequently.

But today I just want to give up. I sat wide awake till 5am this morning, I got up at 730 and went to school I came home and between toilet visits I tried studying.
But the increase in immune suppressants has given me a virus or flu or something nasty.

I can't concentrate I can't study for the exam I have in the morning at 730.
There's no way my mum will understand she never allows me to feel sorry for myself
WELL I'm sorry but right now I do!!

I just want to stay in bed all week and sleep
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Novice, I'm so sorry you are feeling so poorly! What meds are you on now, are you getting timely bloodwork done? There is a difference in feeling sorry for yourself and feeling poorly, maybe you should approach your Mom with these health concerns and let her know how bad you are feeling. Have you had your vitamin levels tested lately, Vitamin D, B and such? Maybe you can ring your GI nurse or consultant and let them know everything that is going on.

I'm sending hugs your way! I do hope you feel better soon!
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Thank you lol I don't usually feel so sorry for myself but you're right I feel unwell I guess in comes in tow

I've recently had my levels checked for my azathioprine and it was non therapeutic, so it's been increased to 200mg and I'm on 9mg entocort

If this doesn't work I am looking into remicade as my GI checked my anti bodies to that a few weeks ago! And luckily that's low!

I've been suffering with severe pain under my left run since may aswell my family doctor prescribed me lorcet and Valium for, I seldom use the lorcet and I don't use the Valium.

I guess I've just picked up a bug and its been the last straw..
I'm seeing my family doctor on Wednesday so ill maybe ask them to check my vitamin levels then, my mum just stresses about the money I cost them she doesn't like to rock the boat cos my parents pay for it all for me including school which makes it so hard on days like today when I just can't cope!

Thank you for your kind as fast response I just guess I needed to let it out
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I am sorry your family is not more supporting.

My family doesnt get it either. I just do the best I can
and let them have their fits at times.

Feel better soon


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I'm sorry you had to go up on your azathioprine, that can sometimes bring on nasty side effects in itself. Hopefully, it will settle with time and you can get to feeling better soon. And I'm sure your Mum stresses about finances we all do but she worries more about your health I'm sure. Do you have anything set up at college that allows you some assistance. I'm thinking you might not be from the states but over here we have a 504 plan that kids are on in high school and if I'm not mistaken it carries over into college. You might want to check with your college's disabilties office and see what they have if you haven't already.

Edit: The 504 plan is for assistance with absences and issues related to CD, the way I typed that it could be construed as some type of financial assistance but that isn't what I was getting at!

Again, hope you are feeling better soon and hope you do well on your exam!!!
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Thank you, no I'm from England living in the states!

I will look into the disability center at my university thank you, I know she cares she can just be do stern! Lol

At the moment I don't have a problem with my grades or absences but my body is telling me its obviously fed up of me pushing it so frequently lol

Thanks again for listening to me I really appreciate it!
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If you are in the States then I would absolutely swing by the disability office, if not for what you are dealing with now at least for just in case!

Yeah, my son is 16 and he is definitely in the push it to the limits stage. He's already been through one flare since school started and I don't think we are quite out of the woods yet! By the time he is in college I will probably be ready to chain him at home with all his goings and doings, he worries about his health last. Ughhh!

I do hope you get things sorted out soon!

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