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Reaction after eating “safe” catering food

This is going to be long:

Okay so how do I go about doing/approaching this?
The school had respite on Saturday and IsaBella got to stay. It was also a meet-n-greet for the new counselors of the center and MS catered through someone else (which we are fine with)

...Here is the problem. I asked the lady (who she said that she cooked it all herself)what was in the foods. (everything was supposedly Gluten & Dairy free). I was going through with one of the therapists what she could have and couldn’t have. The lady also mentioned everything was soy free as well. We came to the sandwiches and I asked what mayo was used. She stated the brand, and assured me it was soy free as well.
Fast forward Sunday, IsaBella has a burn rash on her “potty” and is having explosive poo with other signs. I call the therapist that was “in charge” of feeding IsaBella and asked what she had-she stated the sandwiches. I immediately got on line and looked up the brand… 1st ingredient – SOYBEAN OIL!!! It also has organic grain vinegar (which can have trace amounts of gluten in it).

Do I contact the therapy center or do I contact the catering company?
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I would contact both....starting with the catering company. That's major BS!!!!
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Both. Probably safer to send your own food for her. Then you never have to question the safety of what she eats.

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