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Cimzia side effect...

I started cimzia last month, all I did the whole month was itch. The doctors came to the conclusion that it could have been something in the prefilled syringes, so we decided this month to get the powder and mix it in the office. The pharmaceutical company thought it was more than likely I am allergic to a protein in it. So, we did the injection in the office on Monday, and needless to say, I have been itching ever since. I am waiting right now on the office to call me back to figure out the next move. Any of you have that same problem? I am at a lose cuz this was suppose to be the next move before surgery.

Now, the lady that does the remicade in the office, suggested I go back on that. The problem I have with that is I thought once you did remicade you couldn't go back on it? Any suggestions on that one? It has been several years since I did remicade. My nerves are so overwhelmed at this moment with this and a few other things that I finally broke down and went to my reg. doctor and he put me on xanax and zofran....
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Hi Jami,

What made you stop taking Remicade and get on Cimzia? How would you compare the two treatments? Do you prefer one over the other?
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You can go back on Remi as long as you haven't formed antibodies to it. I was able to restart it for a little while. They do have a blood test for this now though.
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I was on remicade along time ago, it is a long story why I had stopped....but went on humira and my body just grew immune to it and it wasnt working anymore, so they put me on cimzia. Now we are working with the insurance to get me back on remicade...fingers crossed!!

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