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Humira schedule

Hello everyone,
In other threads, I noticed that people take Humira with varying frequency. For the past year, I have been taking it once every two weeks and it has done a good job in keeping me in remission.
However, I am currently working overseas, and due to some shipping/insurance complications, I recently went about 5 weeks between doses. Fortunately, I didn't flare at all during that time or afterward.
I was wondering how often all of you take Humira, particularly, if any of you take it once per month. I pay for most of it out of pocket, so only having to buy 12 doses a year would help relieve what a huge financial strain Humira is.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Greg, I am on Humira biweekly. The cost isn't too bad, only because my doctor found me a co-pay assistance program so I save approx. $325.00 each time I have to refill. I've only been on it for a month (2 treatments). I'm not for sure how long for it to take affect or if it's immediate. I have not really had any flares for quite a while, even before being put on Humira.
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I've been on it every other week since February.
It fizzled out a bit and my doc wanted me to do 2 shots every other week instead of just one, but insurance wouldn't cover it.
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Greg - something you may want to ask your doctor about is Co-Pay plus, a service from myHumira. In short, this is a service that will help you with your co-pays once you activate the card that you get from your doctor. They will pay everything up to the first six months, then they will pay the balance after you pay $50 for months 6 through 12. Maybe someone that has been on Humira for more than a year can explain what you do after a year, whether you have to re-enroll with a new card or what.

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