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Good & Bad News!

So last Friday, I had found out that Sacred Heart here in Spokane had yet refereed me to another doctor ( I have no idea why ). So I ended up at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane and was actually able to get an appt the following Monday which was TODAY! Over the weekend my diarrhea slowed down and I was actually able to keep down some foods and became constipated at one point. As soon as we left the house I had incontinent diarrhea the entire way to the hospital (about an hour away due to the snow and traffic). After arriving at the gastro's office I met my doctor who seemed really nice. Her name was Dr.Lui. I gave her my whole life story and how i just wanted to be better so I could have strength to work out again and have strength and energy to do things with my kids and to be my normal self. She ordered a bunch of blood tests, a stool and urine sample collection that I have to do at home (yuck, did I mention I have to pour my diarrheahh into a cup and than put the urine and diarrheahh into a bag of ice.) Sorry TMI. She also wanted a ct scan of my pelvic and abdomen area as soon as possible and told me that she would like to do a colonoscopy only if I really wanted too. I agreed to her in a heart beat because I'm to the brink of death here not knowing what's wrong with me. I need answers. Atleast with all of these tests, I can cross things off of my list and move on to other things that what it could be. The doctor told me she wants to "laxitate my system" but in all honesty there is seriously nothing inside me. In about 10 minutes I'm suppose to take an entire 2 bottles of gatorade and miralax and guzzle, guzzle, and guzzle some more. I'm sure it will just go straight through me tonight.... And I have to be there to check in at 10:15 for the upper and lower colonscopy. Anyone have any advice for me?? I'm a 24 year old and when people hear I'm having a colonscopy done they look at me like i'm crazy and I'm way too young. I also asked the doctor to put me fully asleep. Any advice would be great thanks!! Cross your fingers for some answers!!
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Hi laurel this new doctor sounds great! I like the fact she wants to do majority of the main testing options.. there's no point in waiting!

Im 24 and have had 2 colonoscopies and 1 sigmoidoscopy in the last year. i only had gas and air (entinox) for all 3 tests. So try not to worry, they are not as bad as you anticipate. (Although if i was given the option at the time.. i would have been asked to be knocked out! Haha)

i really hope you get the answers you need.. so you can get back to the normal you
Please keep us posted. x
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