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Remicade/Infliximab Has anyone else experienced skin problems?

Hi, I'm completely new to these forums and am glad to have found this resource. I was diagnosed with Crohns after many years of false diagnosis (IBS, anxiety etc) but basically have had Crohns since I was in my early twenties. I am now 51.

Missing out a lot of grief I'm rushing on to the part where I had to be given Infliximab (Remicade). This was enormously useful but over time I have developed many small but persistent problems with my skin. My eyes, ears and nose all seem to get dry and the skin breaks sometimes. I get eye infections, ear infections. Dry skin occurs elsewhere but most of my grief is around my head. Most alarmingly I sometimes get red and inflamed skin that puffs up across my face and or hand and this has to be treated with antibiotics. Have others experienced such particular skin problems whilst on Remicade? There is one complication I should mention in that we own a pet dog and I sometimes wonder if he could be the cause? I'd love to know what others have experienced.
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Welcome to these boards glad you are with us,

I've been using Remi for 19 months now and Ive never had any side effect whatsoever. But then again everybody is different. I'm sure other people will be able to give you more input.

good luck.
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I have recently developed some strange skin side effects...mainly dry itchy patches. But I hava also had some red puffed areas (on my feet) that are also very itchy. I am late on my next remi infusion due to an emergency surgery, and winter is just hitting us here. I had assumed it was due to the late remi infusion, and the dryness of winter. Something for me to think about though. I hope that your symptoms improve soon!!!

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Hi about a week after an infusion the spots start coming, I get them worse on my back and chest and a few on my face! they are red and itch too x
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My husband has been on infliximab since April. He has had a few skin infections which have yet to be identified, but red itchy spots fluid filled that scab over. They infections range from mild that do not require antibiotics to painful and severe that wil only clear wih the antibiotics.
His last infusion ws postponed for 2 weeks (he is due to have it in 2 days) due to him taking antibiotics. We had swabs done and hope to find out what the cause of the infection is/was tomorrow.

see what tomorrow brings

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yes I just posted in the group about it. ive had problems with my (usually clear) skin since my 3rd loading dose. it ranges from pimples and spots to dry itchy areas. my forehead and cheeks are worst.
yours sounds awful. I cant see why the dog would effect you unless its new? although ive suddenly taken an intolerance to eggs so who knows? eh.
hope you get it sorted.
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I also have been getting areas of dry and peeling skin mainly on my feet and between my toes. The biggest or most bothersome skin issue that I have developed is that I go through bouts of all over itching. Nothing helps it and nothing appears on my skin I just itch non-stop for hours.

I have had sensitve skin and skin problems for years so I never thought that my remy infusions could be the cause. hmmmmmm, something to think about for sure.

I have also had several skin tags appear over the last few months as well.
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I've noticed skin issues as well. Increased amount of pimples all over, including on my face, arms and chest. I also developed red, dry patches on my hands. My joint pain is subsiding, but the skin issue is getting worse. I also have headaches, a lot more than before remicade.
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I've been having this problem while on Humira as well as imuran and its driving me nutty! My nurse just told me to take good care of my skin and keep it clean and don't pick.

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