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Dealing with Weakness at Work

Does anyone have any advice for dealing with symptoms of weakness at work? I'm in the middle of a two-plus-month-long flareup now, and (usually) the worst part of it is not the colitis episodes per se, but flu-like symptoms of feeling weak and ill. Usually I have no fever, but I feel like I'm mega-sick during these periods, which last for a while and then disappear suddenly, only to reappear later. I don't know how I'm going to feel any moment of a given day. It makes you feel like you need to be home in bed, but this happens every day at some point(s) or another. It's also usually very hard to get going in the morning and just get to work.
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Sorry to hear you are in pain.

Is there anything in your diet you can adjust regarding breakfast or lunch that could help you? For example adding certain fruits and veggies to your breakfast/lunch routine could possibly help with energy if you make a habit of it. I know I personally started either juicing veggies or making fruit smoothies (with frozen bananas, berries, greek yogurt and soy/almond milk) once per day and my energy levels have gone up because drinking my fruits/veggies in liquid form must be allowing my gut to absorb the nutrients more easily.

Also when I feel really fatigued, I find a spot in the building where I can just put my head down (and possibly nap) for at least 15-20min for a refresher. More sleep than that an you can feel even more lethargic. (sometimes I am able to get away with using a conference room if it is not in use). Is there anywhere in your place of work that you can sneak away for a quick rest?

I hope things start to turn around for you soon.
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Have you spoken to your employer about being unwell?
Mine employed me knowing I was sick - and they are very supportive.
They are very flexible with my days and hours of work.
If I am visibly unwell - they insist I work from home or send me home.
Yesterday I refused to go home - resolving to battle on.
I was very sheepish when I had to call them from my hospital bed this morning - they are all quite rightly "told you so!"
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