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Feeling strange about clear colonoscopy

Well, I just got back from my colonoscopy, and it was totally normal. Even my doctor seemed surprised. Good news, for sure, but I'm feeling oddly...disappointed? I know that sounds weird, but basically this clear colonoscopy puts me in the same place I was before - not knowing if I have or had a severe infection or if I have Crohns. I guess that's why I'm disappointed. I very much wanted to be help to get on with my life one way or another, and now I'm still stuck in limbo waiting for my biopsies to come back and monitoring my symptoms until something does or does not happen again. Any insight or support would be appreciated. I'm sure I sound strangely ungrateful about getting good news.
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Oh, I know the feeling. I've had tests that were negative or not positive enough and I just wanted answers. I knew I was ill and wasn't getting better, so getting "good news" wasn't good! You want test results that match and explain your symptoms, because that validates what you're experiencing and provides the best hope of diagnosis and treatment. Without diagnosis, there's not so much possibility of taking care of the problem.

So I think what you're feeling is normal and probably common amongst the chronically ill and undiagnosed. Though it's still a good thing that nothing truly omnious was found of course.

What are your doctor's thoughts? Do they plan to do more tests? That would probably be the best way forward from this. See it as progress that you've at least ruled out IBD of the colon (presumably? depending on the biopsies - it may IBD but currently inactive perhaps?) and other colon diseases, which is more information than you had before, and now carry on trying to find the correct cause of symptoms. A colonoscopy doesn't cover the full range of digestive problems - not even the full range of Crohn's, so it's just one part of of the diagnostic process.

And take some time to relax and recover from the colonoscopy because I'm sure that wasn't fun.
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Thanks so much for your reply. Glad to know that what I'm feeling isn't just completely unreasonable and weird.

As far was what the next steps are - doctor did take some biopsies, and those should be back in the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure they plan to do more tests unless I keep having pain in my lower right stomach area, or unless other symptoms start to pop up. Basically, my doctor said to monitor my symptoms for the next couple of weeks, and then we'll go from there, but she made it sound like I felt okay and the biopsies were okay, I should just go on with my life for now. Fine with me, but I would hate to end up in the hospital again in six months with the same stupid problems.

Thanks again!
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Hi theseithakas.

I'm so glad I found your thread because I thought I was the only one hoping to be diagnosed with a disease. It's mad isn't it, usually the last thing you want to hear from your Doctors is any sort of bad news.

The symptoms and illness makes you feel bad enough but to then be told blood work etc are all normal makes you start to doubt yourself about feeling so ill. My GP dismissed my symptoms over a year ago as I had a urine infection, but here I am now (after continuing symptoms, accidents in public, a perianal abscess and so many aches and pains) waiting for an appointment with the Colorectal Surgery Team. I still have a feeling that after the other tests that haven't shed any light on what's wrong, neither will this!

Anyway thanks again for your thread, Hope you also find the answers soon.

Take care
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Have you had a CT scan to check your appendix and gallblader? Sounds odd, but they make some hellaish pain and diarrhea. Also, it would show any type of kidney stone. Hope you get definite answers soon! Best of luck to ya. - hugs-
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