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Cimzia gave me a healthy pregnancy

I'm sharing my story because it helped me so much to see others on this forum fighting the same battles I was, and not giving up hope. It helps so much to know you're not alone in a fight...
I've been battling Crohn's the better part of 10 years. After unsuccessful results from all of the "wimpy" drugs, 2 years into my official diagnosis Remicade proved the miracle cure for me. However, a few years later (3 days after returning from my honeymoon) I had a severe reaction during an in-home Remicade infusion. My body had developed antibodies against the one drug that worked. My husband and I were already testing our vows "through sickness and in health!"
I immediately tried Humira, even a double dose, but still no relief over the next few years.
Despite the ever-present Crohn's symptoms, I was able to conceive in July 2009, and was in remission during a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. I stayed on the Humira throughout pregnancy, which I worried about, but my son was born, and at 2 now is still, incredibly healthy.
In October 2011 I had a small bowel resection, and it seemed that my Crohn's got WORSE after surgery. I felt so defeated after going through such an invasive surgery and grueling recovery period, and not seeing the "miracle" results my husband and I hoped so much for.
I started on Cimzia shortly after surgery, but it didn't seem to give any relief. A colonoscopy in January 2012 showed the Crohn's was back.
To add insult to injury, a routine eye exam showed the prolonged steroid use was my prime suspect for the beginning stages of Glaucoma.
In April 2012, a negligent doctor gave me Keflex for a sinus infection, spiralling me into a horrible flare, and eventually landing me in the hospital. Unfortunately, I also miscarried as a result of the flare. I was so devastated that this disease would take away my choice to grow my family.
Following that last flare and the miscarriage, I skeptically started on a double dose of Cimzia - one shot (given by my loving husband) every week. A few months later, I was feeling great (gaining weight and energy), I was pregnant again!, and this time, 3 months in now, everything is looking great.

Please don't lose hope. I thought I was going to, but now I have so much to be thankful for
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Hello amd welcome to the forum

I am so pleased to hear that the Cimzia has been able to turn a corner for you and things are now going well after such a tough time - long may it continue! We do have a sub forum for this med that is worth checking out to speak to others about being on it: http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=87.

Wishing you all the best.


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What an amazing story! It's really heartening for me personally to hear about healthy, normal pregnancies in women who have Crohn's. Congratulations on BOTH your little ones!
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Hi there and welcome to the community! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story. I hope you don't mind, but I'm also going to copy your thread to our TTC forum as people there can certainly use great stories like this.

Again, welcome!
It's good to be back
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Welcome to the forum and thank you for shring your amasing story.

I too want to grow my family (already have 2 children) but you have made me realise that i can. My consultant said no but you have just proved to me that you can do it.

Thank you.
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That's wonderful. Cimzia for some is a nothing short of a miracle, well for me anyway and it sounds like you've been helped tremendously. I wished I had been diagnosed during my last 2 pregnancy's I was flaring through both. Hope everything continues to go well for you.

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