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Weight lifting and GERD

I an upper endoscopy last week. I had the endoscopy because I have worsening GERD and it's not responding well to medications - the endoscopy found a hiatal hernia which is probably the reason why meds aren't working very well. Anyway, I was discussing my GERD issues with my GI and I told him that my reflux is worst when I'm lying down and when I'm exercising. He asked what kind of exercise do I do, and I told him I mainly lift weights. He said I should stop doing that, as he said, "putting pressure on the abdominal muscles can cause more reflux."

Has anyone else heard this? I am not going to stop lifting, I really enjoy exercise and it's the one thing that truly makes me feel like a normal, healthy human again. And lifting makes me feel better than other forms of exercise. Also, taking all these calcium-robbing GERD meds means that I really have to do some weight-bearing exercises so that my bones don't crumble! My GI suggested I jog instead, but jogging is out - I've tried, but jostling the guts around like that doesn't feel good, plus I have arthritis in my hip so jogging gets painful pretty quick. I can do yoga or ride my bike without arthritis pain, but that doesn't make me feel as awesome as weight lifting does. Honestly I reflux no matter what form of exercise I do, so it's probably not doing me harm to lift weights - right? Or at the very least, the benefits of exercise outweigh the negatives of refluxing while exercising? My main thought is that I don't want to worsen the hiatal hernia - could weight lifting do that? I'm a female and I'm not lifting huge heavy weights, I do the weight machines at the gym and I try to go for more reps to tone rather than bulk. I'm probably okay then - right?

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