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Rectum badly Inflamed! Ouch!

Hi All,

I have had a history of rectal problems.. when I were first diagnosed there were 2 ulcers which healed with the steroids and Imuran

Later I developed an anal fissure which perforated because of asacol getting stuck in it .. so the doctor prescribed Humira to let it heal before deciding surgery ..which it did heal thankfully

after I took Humira I started developing a new symptom .. which is when I feel that I need to pass stool and I hold it for a few minutes just to get to the toilet my rectum gets so inflamed that very little of that stool comes out and I end up having to wait a few hours for it to go back to normal so I can go to the toilet and get out the rest.

Now I had surgery a few weeks ago and after surgery I feel that because I have a lot of diarrhoea my rectum is very inflamed and its closed that I need to push as if I have constipation .. it is also burning a lot and my lower back hurts all the time.

any body having or went through the same thing? any advise would be appreciated!
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I have my rectum badly inflamed too and i have kind of same symptoms as you do! Lower back pain is killing me! I had my colonoscopy monday and they discovered fistula in my rectum allso. Though, i knew that there would be a fistula, coz i have symptoms from that.

I use Humira 80mg/ every two weeks, and it hasn't cure the rectum Now i got send to surgeon, who i see maydy next month.

What kind of surgery you have?
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I've had perianal fistulae several times - very painful and they can take a while for the surrounding tissue to heal even after they close. Humira has worked wonders for me in closing them as well (early on it was fistulotomiues). I have a couple things that have worked with an inflamed rectum. First, you can try lubricating the outer areas with K-Y Jelly (and work some in). It will help pass the stool and provide a coating until the mucus comes back. You may want to try Preparation-H for the swelling also (though not with the K-Y). Finally, if you have acidic stool (e.g. if it has a lot of bile), you may want to hit the bath right after a movement to remove the source of the irritation and hopefully bring the swelling down a bit.
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Hi ForeverCrohns I am sorry you are experiencing these problems. Have you told your GI all this. It may be worth having them check it out as you may have developed an infection. I had an abscess in my rectum & I had similar problems with burning & pain.
I hope you get this sorted soon.
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Thank you Jimena , mbishop and Kip1 for your responses

Well the surgery I had is ileum resection ... And I started to have worse rectal symptoms afterwards .. I don't know if it is the diarrhea or I am flaring again..

I spoke to my GI and he gave me something to stop diarrhea which didn't work till now and also Hydrocortisone suppository .. They both aren't doing much
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Hey Forever Crohns,

Are you taking any sitz baths? This helped me and relaxed the area very nicely.

Hows the diet? This is very important for what you are experiencing. Let me know and I will give out some good tips on what could be contributing factors.

Do you use a regular toilet? If so I would suggest squatting while having a bowel movement.

what the heck am I talking about?

Don't worry there is a science to this and I am not try to pull a quick one on you lol

Humans weren't designed to have bowel movements on western style toilets because the added 90 degree angle adds tons of stress which leads to hemmorhoids and inefficient bowel movements

The squatting position straightens out the humans colon and thus makes it very easy for us to get rid of waste.
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Hey Boris

My diet is soft GI because of the surgery and I use baby wipes not toilet paper.. I were thinking of doing sitz bath actually thanks a lot
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No problem and do try the squatting thing when you get better (use a stool to put your feet up on)

Let us know how its going!
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having some of the ileum removed would put some stress on the large intestine. I had a bunch of my ileum removed in 12 years ago and then 2 years ago had surgery on my large intestine. My issue was in my rectum. Not sure what the best treatment is as I had to resort to surgery, but that has seemed to work well. before my surgery I would get quite constipated to the point it was very painful and of course always had the sensation that I had to go.

Perhaps a doctor needs to scope the area to try and figure out what is going on.
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I had many issues in the rectal area until I started using Humira. After about a year using on Humira 2 times per moth, some symptoms came back urgency, cramps, blood in stool and my GI started me on Humira once a week that helped. Sometimes I also use Rowasa enemas for topical application of meds directly to my inflamed rectum and also use hydrocortisone suppository, so between Humira, Rowasa and hydro I am back to feeling a lot better now. Talk to you GI about combining few meds until you find out what works for you. Also, I take many sits baths and use hand held shower to clean after each BM and then put on Calmoseptine ointment its very soothing and helps keeping my anal area dry, as I have post BM leakage after fistulatomy surgery few years ego that healed, but did not fully closed at my anal verge I have to use folded gauze between my cheeks after BM to catch some leakage.

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