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NameDr. Bruce McLain
AddressUniversity Hospital of North Tees
 Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
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Not a very good consultant at all. Boyfriend was referred to him in 2006/2007, was immediately put on metronidazole (sp?) which we've been told since is a last resort drug. There were no follow ups until September of 2011, which was only a letter stating he would request a CT scan and Joe should have it within 2 weeks. During hospitalization in January he was unavailable, and then wrote a letter to the people awarding Joe's DLA that he did not deserve it as he wasn't disabled. Yes everyone, this is a gastro specialist who doesn't believe crohns is not a disability. Again, nothing heard from him until July/August when Joe was on HDU, in which we had to let the nurses/doctors know that he was not allowed, under any circumstances, to visit Joe. McLain knew of a stricture since 2011, according to his secretary, and did nothing to help with it, no contact at all. The CT scan came in July, from the gastro expert in James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough.

This is not the only case of neglect from McLain, as another patient of his, also from Middlesbrough, was given the same treatment. Both their family, and Joe's, are filing formal complaints against him, and hopefully will be awarded compensation in the future for the severity their illnesses reached due to his bad care.

1 / 5 Bedside Manner
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