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My Rave

I have to rave about my support team. Okay, its about my wife.

I've had CD for 26 yrs. We have been married for 34 yrs and when I was diagnosed she was 23 and we had 3 young boys. She has for those 26 yrs been my rock, my leaning post, my nurse, my health advocate but most of all my best friend. She has been there for the best times and stayed for the worse times. She went from a shy quiet girl to a woman that learned to ask questions that amaze my Drs. She has had to learn how to clean center lines and set up my IV's at home. She has held me when I have cried and picked me up when I felt like giving up. She has had to be mom and dad when my home was the hospital for long periods of times. She has had to learn how to talk to insurance companies.

But most of all she says she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. She even made all the arrangements on our 25th anniversary to redo our vows with the same minister that married us the first time. She still tells me she loves me 100 times a day, her speed dial for my cell phone is under Sexy.

I'm posting this because we need to acknowledge our partners that are there for us every minute of the day, 24/7. Who give up so much to make ua more comfortable.

I would not be here if not for her so for this I say THANK-YOU ANNIE for not giving up on me. I love you
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You brought a tear to my eye, Greg. Your Annie must be a wonderful lady and you obviously appreciate her and tell her so. The two of you are very fortunate to have each other.
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Brought tears to my eyes as well. She sounds amazing, Greg, and you are a wonderful man to not only see it, but testify to it.
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