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I am having a colonoscopy this afternoon....the prep wasn't too bad, I managed it quite well this time. I don't really have any tips, except drink loads of water and keep busy! The worse thing now is the waiting and of course the not eating!!! I am STARVING!! Rock on 4pm when it will be all over and done with :-)
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My method. Eat lightly before prep begins. You will only regret a big breakfast later.

Choose a position. You need somewhere comfy, within dashing distance of the loo. Not isolated or you will be lonely.

As others in the house to respect your loo needs that day. No doubt they are used to it anyway but particularly so.

In the loo have ready many baby wipes and a big tub of sudocrem.

At your camp site have multiple clear fluids, as strong flavour as you can get, your klenprep, a jug, stirer and cups or glasses. Have books, laptop and box sets or Netflix ready.

Make up the solution as directed and drink as much as you can alternating as needed with clear fluids. Watch Netflix. Wait.

When the first bout hits go, go, go. Do not believe you can hold it.

Use baby wipes. It is going to get rough.

Continue drinking, watching, running till you drink all of the prep. Eventually it will stop.

The colonoscopy itself is fine if properly sedated. Just breathe slowly and calmly and you will be fine.
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I found chilling the prep. first before drinking, and using a drinking straw, easier than drinking directly from the glass......also it took over 12 hours for the "clear out" to finish.(for me)

The colonoscopy was easy peasy.
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I'm the opposite to Scottsma, and ladysybil.
I ate a hearty breakfast of the foods allowed...poached egg on white toast I think...which sustained me through the fasting phase. I'm not normally a breakfast eater so perhaps that made the difference.
I drank the prep stuff at room temperature and glugged it down as quickly as possible directly from the glass. I tried a straw first but to be honest it was too slow and I just wanted to get it down. I don't enjoy chilled drinks...apart from a nice Sauvignon blanc or G&T 😉 that's why I didn't chill the prep, too cold a drink tends to give me a headache.
The prep worked it's magic very efficiently on me, it's certainly an experience isn't it??😮
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I have had tons of colonoscopies and my doctor always uses the Golightly prep. I hate the taste of it so much that I had a terrible time getting (and keeping) it down. Finally after about my fifth procedure, I figured out a method that works for me. I'm sharing it in case any of you have the same problem.

You need one of those giant bottles of Listerine. (I like Cool Mint) And you need to be standing over a sink.

1) Chill it. (Everyone seems to know that.)
2) Pour a big old glassful of the awful stuff
3) Uncap the Listerine.
4) Take a big breath and then chug the Golightly without stopping to breathe. (This is key!)
5) Whiile still holding your breath, take a big swig of Listerine, and then spit it into the sink. You won't get that awful Golightly aftertaste that can make you gag.

When I do this, I set the timer for every 15-20 minutes so I can chug it down and get it over with ASAP.

Good luck with your procedures, all. Re
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For mine I had Gavilyte with a lemon flavor packet. 6 hours prior to starting that they had me take 4 Dulcolax tablets. The box of Dulcolax said it would work in 6-10 hours...for me I had diarrhea with in 2 hours.

Here is what I did for the liquid:

1) Mixed it the morning of the prep and put in the fridge.

2) once it was almost time filled 12 cups with about 8oz of it (some were a little over I think) and put those in the fridge (I was to do 3 liters that night and the rest in the morning). Took 2 hours for the 12 cups. The remaining in the morning was only about 4 1/2 cups.

3) Every 10 minutes I grabbed a cup and drank it as fast as possible...this gave me a few minutes to go to the bathroom in between. I literally had to go nearly every 10 minutes. So much easier to have them pre filled! No time wasted pouring.

4) I wrote numbers 1-12 big on a piece of paper and crossed them off as I drank each cup...I'm a list maker so this made me feel like I was getting somewhere.

5) When I started to get full or nauseous I walked around a bit, seemed to help.

6) Drinking it made me spur cold so I wore a sweatshirt and had a

7) Drank water and Gatorade all day and up until bed to keep hydrated. Tried a cup of coffee (black) but that felt like acid on my insides.

8) Had chicken stock for "lunch" and "dinner" - ate it like soup so I kind of felt like I was eating I also ate some Jell-O

For the week leading up to the colonoscopy I tried to eat lighter...Ensure drinks at lunch most days and soup with crackers or small amount of chicken for dinner. This helped to not have so much in there, but also so I didn't feel so deprived since I was already eating lighter.

I also had lots of toilet paper on hand, wet wipes in the bathroom, books and video games ready, Netflix lined up. Had a fluffy blanket and a bed pillow on the couch. Cleaned my house before starting the prep to keep my mind off food and so I had nice clean bathrooms ready.

For the procedure I wore slip on shoes, no jewelry, easy clothes to get on and off.
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I was looking at websites as to remind myself what clothing to wear for a colonoscopy. Sometime in the new year I will be needing to do one again and thought now might be a good time to start looking around in case I need to buy some for the wonderful date. While looking, I found this website. It has some good stuff and is also kinda funny. Thought you guys might enjoy.
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I swish and spit (like tasting wine) with a good apple juice after using a big milkshake straw to suck down some...kills the aftertaste dead and I'm a chef so my palate is super sensitive. Easy clothes to get on and off, slip on shoes, ect...
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This would have been handy before my colonoscopy back in June. (I think it was June or mid July.) I had that nasty Gavilyte stuff. I had 3 days in between them telling me to make an appointment for it, and the procedure itself. Since they were so worried. I didn't have very much time beforehand. They told me to eat lightly, and then the day before go on an all liquid diet. I had a lot of chicken broth. They told me that the lemon flavor pack might make it easier, and to try a little bit in a glass of that stuff before adding it to the jug. (Just in case it didn't help.) I chilled it like they said, too. The first glassful wasn't a problem, but as soon as I got to the 2nd one, I threw it all up. I had to get an anti-nausea pill. (This helped a great deal.) When I went back to it, I tried using a straw and holding my nose like some people suggest. Did not work. Might have made it more difficult for me. Having a huge swig of Gatorade (I think it was lemon) between sips helped quite a bit. I occasionally had chicken broth with it, too. I barely made it to halfway through the jug, and had to call it off since I couldn't stay up any longer. (It was 3:30am.) Plus, it was an early appointment. I apparently was pretty clear to begin with. I was put completely under, and they told me they didn't have any problems. I actually woke up in the middle of it. Didn't feel pain, and they knocked me out again pretty quickly once they realized.

So, I guess Gatorade, the anti-nausea pill, taking as big of sips as I can, some chicken broth, and pacing myself helped me. If I have to do it again soon, I'd ask for a different type of laxative, though.
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The taste of Prepopik wasn't bad, it was fizzy like soda and tasted vaguely orangey. However, the instructions on the box state to mix the water and the Prepopik packet for "2 to 3 minutes". No, definitely do not wait that long! Use very cold water, mix quickly and drink right away. For my first cup, I obeyed the instructions and mixed for awhile. But it seems that the longer you mix, the warmer it gets - some sort of weird chemical reaction. It did not taste good warm, it was disgusting! For the second cup, I mixed quickly and drank fast, and it was still cool and much more palatable.
I just had a colonoscopy yesterday (it went well) and I used Prepopik for the first time. I think I had a better experience then you did Cat-a-Tonic; I have to say it was the best prep I ever had.

I did note the same thing about getting warmer the longer you stirred it; I suspect it is the "heat of solution" of the stuff as it dissolves (sorry, I'm a chemist). I followed their instructions both times (stirred for 2 minutes) and drank it warm, and even warm I thought it was the least horrible tasting prep I ever took. And it was only 5 ounces, so I could down it pretty fast.

I did feel a little nauseous, but it wasn't too bad, and I can't say it was the prep, or the empty stomach, or all the liquid.

The only downside was I had to get up at 3 a.m. to take the second dose, and I didn't dare go back to sleep after that.

Actually, there was a second downside, it seemed kind of expensive. I had a $10 off coupon the doctor gave me, but it was still $71 out-of-pocket (I'm still in the part of the insurance cycle where I'm paying up to my minimum out-of-pocket). I can get the money back with my FSA money, and I haven't shopped around (maybe the others are that expensive), but it seemed pricey.

It also seemed pretty "mild" to me, but it apparently it did the job without adding Dulcolax or anything like that. My GI is quick to tell me if I'm not cleaned out well, and he didn't say a thing; I was producing clear output by the end.

I know we all respond differently to these things, but this will be my prep of choice in the future (which means it will probably be off the market in two years).
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I do kind of wonder if it didn't work as well for me in terms of cleaning me out because I didn't stir it for the full 2 minutes. The warmth put me off enough that I only stirred it minimally before drinking it. I'm thinking that, for my next prep, I will try it again and will follow the instructions when it comes to stirring, even with the disgusting warmth that comes with that. I wonder if that also contributed to my nausea - maybe things just weren't mixed properly and that caused me some issues?

As for the cost, it's been a couple years but I think it was something like $30 or $35 out of pocket after insurance. So not as pricey for me, and well worth the cost considering how much more palatable and easy of a prep it was to do.
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The prep for my fecal transplant was awful. They did Golytle which is terrible and had to drink the entire thing (last time I had this for a colonoscopy prep they just said whenever it turns clear) I also couldn't eat solid food two days beforehand.

I've learned using vaseline on my bum when things start getting a little sore helps a ton.
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As I'm preparing for my upcoming Colonoscopy, I decided to see what I could find as far as what I can eat for the next week once I'm cut off. Here's a website I found. It's going to be a bit of a challenge packing my lunch for 5 days!
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As I'm preparing for my upcoming Colonoscopy, I decided to see what I could find as far as what I can eat for the next week once I'm cut off. Here's a website I found. It's going to be a bit of a challenge packing my lunch for 5 days!
Only 3 days.....

And as an FYI - I've never adjusted my diet aside from the day before/clear issues with scopes.

I would caution though, if someone has issues with constipation, a light diet a few days before would be a good idea.....

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Whoa, no one here since 2017 ! Well, my colonoscopy prep has changed a lot over the years. Used to drink that nasty stuff and had dry heaves. Having colonoscopy / endoscopy next week and my prep instructions are very explanatory and easy. Using Miralax / Gatorade the day before plus Dulcolax laxative pills. I have only been able to eat liquid food for over two weeks now and have been having at least 6 watery bowel movements a day. My thoughts are that my colon will be cleaned out just by taking the four Dulcolax laxative pills ! I always dread the prep more than the colonoscopy / endoscopy. They use Propofol as my anesthesia. Take Care.

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