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Thank you Simon and Sugacookie, I hope you both have an amazing life as well.

One thing I would like to say and I do not recommend this for anyone even though it did work for me is " I did not listen to my doctors recommendations and that helped me quite a lot"

I went to see my GI a few days ago after 5 years, he did some basic tests and was very impressed with the results , he asked me some questions as well and told me that based on external examination there are no signs of disease. One of the statements he made to me was "I am sure you did NOT take my recommendations in regards to medication". I said "No I didn't."

My colonoscopy is now booked in for May 13th of this year. I will come back and update you all with my results.
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Glad you are feeling better, however I have to wonder if you truely had Crohns?? A colonoscopy followed up with blod work will surely tell if you are cured or not. Please keep us posted, I am sure that everybody who suffers from this miserable disease would be anxious to try such an easy approach as yours.
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Thanks Ginger, I was clearly diagnosed as having Crohn's by many different GI's and I have had many colonoscopies in the past showing extreme inflammation and polyps.

My approach was not easy at all but rather very difficult. It required quite a lot of tenacity, will power, faith, overcoming fears, dealing with others not believing in me, adjusting to a lifestyle change and very hard work on the self.

I will keep you posted with the results although I am grateful regardless of the result as I have induced symptom free remission for myself which has lasted over 4 and a half years so far.
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So, you were diagnosed with what and when. What treatments have you tried, other than we, can mindfully will this disease away?! What tests have you done and what is your diagnosis? Curious.
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Great story! I do Qigong which is a traditional Chinese medicine technique to promote energy healing. It has done wonders for my mind and body. It's time for people to take control of their disease and to stop letting their disease take control of them! It's not easy, but it is worth the fight.
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Hey Joe,
I like you story and I hope that you stay in remission but it's hard to believe that you have been symptom free for five years without doing anything except positive reinforcement. I wonder if you just got lucky or what happened. Regardless, please cherish being in remission and I hope Crohn's won't come back.
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Hi joe. I like ur inspiring story. I'm glad ur ok right now. I always think that why do I have to suffer like this too. But after reading this I guess I have to think positively. Like u. Thanks so much for posting ur story.
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not sure, but it was a concoction mixed by a TCM lady. It was mostly mixed roots and bark that was fresh and kept in jars.
If you have a chance to ask, I'd be very interested to learn what the concoction was!
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sounds good, but why stop all of it if thats what made you feel better? And why why why would anyone start smoking i was one for a long time and it was so hard to stop even harder than drinking. Shoot way harder than drinking. Stats show that people with IBD who smoke show a 65% greater chance of having flare ups and surgeries. Sorry i really shouldn't shove this down your throat for being honest. I really do appreciate you taking the time to share it all and I am now looking into trying acupuncture. I just wish you would not quit all of those good things that made you feel better. You seem so happy now. I can see the herbal tea lol. But the yoga and eating better and no smoking just impressed the heck out of me. But I am glad you are happy and living again. Good for you
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I have been fairly busy with myself and thought I would come back here and reply. After taking the advice of a lot of people in this thread I finally had the colonoscopy and other tests in May this year and found the following results:
1. GI’s conclusion “Definitely in clinical remission”
2. Blood tests – All clear, no traces of disease, all levels normal
3. Biopsy – All clear, no polyps or signs of disease
4. Colonoscopy – Found 2 small ulcers which may or may not be due to Crohn’s disease.
5. Final statement “Clinical remission is clearly evident, unable to claim Mucosal Healing at this stage due to ulcers being found in the bowel. There is no need to start any form of medication. He said that I have clearly induced remission and am doing a great job of remaining in remission.”

Everyone keeps asking me about what diet and medicine I took, but what they don’t understand is that it is only a small part of healing success. Healing our four bodies is the key, the four bodies are Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Changing the way I think and my attitude towards life was a huge factor and also the most difficult part, much much harder than changing diet.

I have now stopped smoking since just for overall well being, not because of Crohn’s. I smoked for 5 years after achieving remission and as I have stated I brought back all of my old lifestyle. The only thing that I didn’t bring back was my old way of thinking. I started smoking etc again because I truly believe it was not the main contributing factor and as far as i am concerned I proved myself correct. My advice to all….If you want to change your body and be healthy then “Change Your Mind”.

If you think you are powerless then you are, but if you believe in yourself then anything is possible.
I know this is difficult for many and it may make some of you feel angry but it is true and I am not the only case, there are many out there that had many different diseases mostly cancer and healed in their own way…just do your research. Read up on the latest findings...Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza are two that I have read about recently. The health system is still catching up to all this new evidence, the fact that there is no money in it also stops them. For example Cancer is a $180 billion dollar a year industry at the moment, why would they want to change that.

Only YOU can change the state of your mind and belief system. Appreciate the fact that you are alive, appreciate all that you have including your health regardless of how much physical and emotional agony you might feel...(I've been there many times) because there are many that are in worse conditions. Begin to change your subconscious mind, let it go. Joy regardless of circumstance is a massive key. It takes a lot of practice and patience to master this task and is a big journey. Reprogram your mind. In the beginning it may be difficult but as time goes on, you can make positive changes.

I would just like to conclude by saying that I am not a doctor and only speak by experience of myself and others I know that have succeeded in similar health situations. Because of this I am committing myself to helping others which is why I am posting here. I am not saying that anyone is to blame, I am saying that we are responsible for ourselves 100%. These are my beliefs, I am not saying they should be yours and I ask you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.
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well said Joe and well done you for getting into remission....but also well done you for changing yourself. It is a giant leap for people to look at themselves in the mirror and say 'i need to change'.......I have always felt that crohns is an emotional disease....a lack of ease with emotions. dis-ease. One wants to be at ease. I wonder how many people with crohns are carrying some sort of guilt on conscience about the past. There are so many questions left un-answered and maybe one day they will figure out the things you are touching on here - the psycho-sematic aspects of intestinal disease. For now, we plough on feeling crappy, sleeping all the time and trying any drug they will give us!!!!
diagnosed 1994 aged 18. 3 surgeries. Remicade is my drug.

I believe this could cure crohns disease.

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For me I'm sticking with a good dr and meds I haved good reactions to the meds I've tried and feel better when on them but I also feel that we can't rely 100% on the meds there has to be a want and action and change to heal and aid the meds in healing also I wanna stay knw step ahead of this disease and we can only do that by actually keeping a eye on it through test so good luck man but get checked out!!
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Glad to hear a success story! It may not be for everyone, but it worked for YOU and that's what matters. Good luck and here's to a long remission!

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