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Joint pain from Infliximab

I have had Crohns for 15 years now and in the last year have started to get severe joint pain. The doctors are at a loss as to the cause as my joints don't swell when I'm in pain so they are now just saying it is Crohns related and all I can do is to keep taking my pain medication. It has all started after I had a severe reaction to a second treatment of Infliximab (remicade) two weeks after the infusion in the space of 12 hours ALL of my joints seized up from my jaw to my toes. I was rushed to hospital and treated with I'VE steroids but since then my joints have got progressively worse.
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Hiya Chally
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I've moved your post to this section because you posted in someone else's thread, and this ok, but you've a better chance of getting an answer in here!
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