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Prednisone Imuran and Remicade

Hello this is my first time posting a message on this site. My name is mike and I have been diagnosed with UC/Crohns about this time last year. I have been on Asacol, Colazol which never really did the trick. Always on prednisone though, but recently I started on Imuran which was about two months ago and have had 5 previous remicade treatments. I can't get myslef off of the prednisone and recently have had a flar when I decreased from 30mg to 25mg, now I am back up to 40mg. How much hope do I have that Imuran will kick in and help and maybe it will help with the remicade, I just can't believe remicade is not working. My next step is either surgery or some clinical trials if I apply to any. Well my GI said to keep praying.....
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Hi Mike!

If you do not mind I will move this thread over to the your story area. This is where most people post their experience with IBD.

There is no reason not to believe that the Imuran will not kick in. It can take a few months to work, so just keep hoping for the best. A lot of people on here have had to try many different drugs to find what works for them, so you are not alone.

No matter what happens remember THIS WILL NOT RUIN YOUR LIFE! I, as well as many others her have had surgery (some multiple). Others have never needed it. No matter what has happened to us, we all have been able to continue living our lives and get past whatever we have been through. Glad that you found us and please feel free to ask any questions here or look for any support you need.
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Hi Mike to the site.

Sure hope something works out for you .Good vibes and thoughts your way.
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Hi Mike and welcome

Imuran took quite a while to do anything for me, so just hang in there I suppose..not much else you can do.

Remicade was a miracle the first time I got it..felt like a new person within a week. That only lasted for about 6 months, then It quit working.

Prednisone is a fun one...I was on it for a long time when first DX'd and now im back on it again (puffy face and all).

All you can do is play around with medications and diet really. Diet doesnt seem to help me any, but others say it has.

Most important remember we are all in this together!
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Hi Mike

Welcome to the site

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Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing!
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Hi Mike, you have an almost identical story to mine. I was on pred, and then imuran, but the imuran didnt work for me, so I had to up my pred and try methotrexate injections instead, I eventually did get off the steroids, and started the remicade somewhere in the middle of all that mess. the remicade didnt do a thing for me until after around number 5 or 6, and then when it worked, it really worked. I hope you can get the same results. I was told to be patient with it, and that it might take up to 10 infussions to see any change.
good luck! fingers crossed for you!
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welcome man
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Hi, Mike
Welcome to this site.
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Welcome Aboard !! I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here & find this place to be more informative too. Mike has done a excellent job in thee board so jump right in and have some fun. By the way I am Grandma Bear aka Karen so see you around soon !!

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Hi Mike!! Welcome aboard!!

I have been doing Remicade for 2 years, and it is only now starting to finally show signs of working, and maybe cuz I have gone from every 8 weeks to every 5 at a double dose. Some, it works right away, others it takes awhile. I am also on Imuran, but that takes a few months for it to kick in. Just have will help at some point.

Good luck, and welcome!!


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