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Vit. D Levels?

The new GP told me that Grace has low vit. D levels.

So here's the questions.
What role does vit. D play in your health?
Any "rules" to taking vit. D?

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Vitamin D is a chicken egg sorta thing.
It can be low in kids due to inflammation ( general) including asthma .
So northern kiddo with asthma and allergies= low vitamin d.
Especially non milk drinker since most little kids get theirs from milk.
It can also be low in Ibd kids but given she has asthma .
That would be a given.
You would have to ask the doc about supplementing.
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Vit D is used to fight inflammation so if you have inflammation your vitamin d is lower also used for good bone health .
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Vitamin D is fat soluble so if you take a supplement, it should be taken with food with some fat in it. I often take mine with a spoonful of coconut oil.

It is important to keep higher levels of D for many reasons. It acts more like a hormone than a vitamin.

Sunlight is the best way to get enough. In my climate that is difficult.

Doctors often prescribe D2 but the body is lacking D3 and that is the form you should use. D2 does not occur naturally in the human body.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.
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My Vitamin D is low not Sarah's.

When I first started taking Vitamin D, my skin was very itchy, this only lasted a couple of weeks. I started on a reasonly high dose of 3000mg daily.

Your gp should tell you how much to supplement.
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Did the new GP test her vitamin D levels today or was this from a previous test?
It's good to be back
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I do as well, common with people who have crohns. I take a prescribed supplement 1 time a week.
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A year ago I was severely ill with symptoms that mimicked Hypothyroidism so I went to an Endocrinologist and my Vit D levels were below the normal range. I had to take 50,000 IU for 5 weeks and it jump-started me back to health. Now I take a multivitamin everyday, as well as sub-lingual Vitamin D to help keep it normal. I mostly take the sub-linguals because I am lactose intolerant and can not get much Vit D from food/milk. I highly recommend the sub-linguals, they do not upset your stomach (while the actual Vit D tablets can wreaked havok ). Good Luck!
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I recently was told my vit D level was extremly low so i was prescribe vitamine D and also oysco for you bones.I eat frosted flakes and also eggs.I didnt care for vitamine D gels but I did take complete and they seem to work fine.I was never told the reason why it was so low
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Michigan gets so little sunshine. I now give everyone in my family a Vit D supplement. I am hoping that it might possibly prevent my daughter from someday suffering from some sort of autoimmune disorder.
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Multi Vitamin
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I get mine checked regularly, partly because of this forum and posts people made about Vitamin D which made me look into it.

Vitamin D is related to NOD2, NOD2 is responsible for defensin release and autophagy, it uses ATG16L1 to induce autophagy against bacteria, but people with crohn's disease often have mutations in NOD2 and ATG16L1, they are immune deficient.

High vitamin D might be able to correct this immune deficiency in autophagy by stimulating NOD2. Vitamin D is an antimicrobial vitamin like vitamin A.

If you want to actually read it all, this is the best explanation I know: http://www.expert-reviews.com/doi/pdf/10.1586/eci.10.31

What's interesting also, is that not only low serum vitamin D is associated with crohn's disease, the VDR gene, the receptor for Vitamin D, is one of the genes often mutated in crohn's disease. Vitamin D is probably more important to crohn's disease than many doctors realise.

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Rowans vit D was also low, not horribly low but low enough, ask the doctor they have Rowan taking 2000mg of D3 daily. It should be supplemented. Do they think the EEN will take care of this without supplementation? Might be the case. Hugs
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DS was low as well--
His Gi said the formula would help.
His recent numbers were normal
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I personally believe that Vit D plays a role in Crohn's but don't ask me how cause I don't know!

I asked that Matt levels be tested quite some time ago and they were low. We started supplementing with D3 gel caps and his levels are now in the lower therapeutic range and we are still supplementing.

Sarah also takes Vit D supplements.

Just through my own research: As Dan said, ensure it is D3 and gel caps have better absorbency than tablets.

Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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Lucy is parcipating in a study which is looking at vit d levels and paediatric Crohn's, however she is completely bumping the trend and her levels are always excellent - even with her levels as good as they are GI recommends supplement so she takes that as well.
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Polly - Same with Claire (not the study but the levels)


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