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I am new here. I am 63, was diagnosed with Crohn's 13 years ago, put on Asacol and had a quick remission for many years. Then, 2012 was not so good. I was started on CIMZIA and my muscle pain is getting much worse! Anyone else have muscles that feel like they are about to tear apart? Having cramps at night but worse problems during the day trying to walk! I have a lumpy thing sticking out of my back at the level of top of lumbar spine, which extends to the left. I have little fibrous things on my thighs that are very painful. They have been tested and x rayed and NO diagnosis.

I would really like to get off CIMZIA and see if the pain can ease up. This is awful! Anyone else have these awful muscle problems? (I have had some hip muscle pain since age 16. NO accurate diagnosis so far.)

Thank you!

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Hi Peggy

I'm sorry you are having such pain
I am not familiar with severe muscle pain being a side effect of cimzia.
Have you contacted your GI and asked ? Better safe than sorry I say ~ that sounds awful!

I am finding myself very shocked at the fact that you were diagnosed with Crohn's at 50 years old...I hope you didn't suffer long before that ?
It's very unusual to be diagnosed that late in life.

I hope you find some relief for your pain soon! Sorry I can't be of more help ~ I even tried reading the makers of Cimzia's website and didn't see anything pertaining to muscle pain ~ but that doesn't mean it's not the case.

welcome to the forum!
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Thank you for responding to my post! Yes, I did not get my terrible symptoms until March, 2001 and waited 3 months for a colonoscopy. I was diagnosed then with Crohn's, put on Asacol, and I did really well for 10+ years!! I did have this undiagnosed muscle pain from age 16 and it has gotten terrible. I have a wonderful team of doctors who are trying to figure this out. The Cimzia info mentions "muscle ache" but this pain is not what I would call an ache. I don't want to take it any more, but, my team of doctors are not in agreement about that.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to look into this. Tell me about your situation, too.



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