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Methotrexate shots

MY son who is 11 was Crohn's disease at University of Florida hospital 2 weeks ago and they are going to start Methotrexate shots next week. Does this help control the disease?
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Hi, Clint! Welcome to the forum!

I took methorexate for a while and it did help me quite a bit. We all react differently to different medications, though. You can read more about methotrexate and the experiences others have had, here.

How is your son feeling? Is he taking anything else?

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Hi ClintR welcome to the forum, so sorry to hear you have need of finding the forum.

My son, 16 was diagnosed earlier this year. Remicade was the treatment we chose but recently we had to add methotrexate as symptoms would arise inbetween Remicade infusions. Since adding the methotrexate my son has had no symptoms and it seems to be working well. Although as the primary medication it can take longer to reach theraputic levels. It is still earlier on in our add of methotrexate but so far so good(touch wood).

Please check out our Parents Forum(<---click here) as well as our Methotrexate forum(<---click here) as both are great resources of information and the experiences of other forum members.

Also, you may want to read through the studies on this thread(<---click here) as there is some great info in them relating to the treatment of pediatric IBD

I hope your son is feeling well soon.
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We used methotrexate shots to try and control Ds's disease.
He had weekly injections for eight weeks before we switched to remicade.
For some it is enough to control the disease though.
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Thanks for all the info everyone. My son goes to see the Dr. day after Christmas, so we'll see what happens.
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My son is going to start Methotrexate shots next week. He's staying on the Prednisone for the next 7 days. He's have join pain almost every day now.

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