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Anyone tried a fast?

I'm curious about trying this but anytime I go more than a few hours without food I start feeling sick, dizzy, weak, ill.

But when I've been forced to fast, due to medical tests, once I get past that phase I feel much better, almost "light" and "clear."

Does this make sense?

Has anyone tried this?

(By fast I mean more than 12 hours, like a 3 day water only fast)
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MINI Cooper
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I sure do feel better with NO food in the tummy,
but being already horribly underweight, that would lead me
to a quick death.
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I used to do 48 hour fasts when I was a bit of a health food nut. I don't think I had any noticable chrohns symptoms at the time and wasn't on any medication... don't think I'd try it now. The sick/dizzy/ill feeling is probably caused by the body de-toxing... the severity may depend on how full of toxins your body is to start. I did it purely for health reasons, it's not a clever way to lose weight. It's also important how you come off the fast!
Nowadays I tend to go for moderation in all things, with the occasional treat!
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I'm like Mini, I feel so much better w/ no food in the belly. I can go about 2days before I need something besides liquid. I have not done a fasting test for years, but I'm thinking about having my doc do one b/c of the shaky/dizzy/nauseas/headache feeling I get right after eating some things. I also get that feeling some mornings right after I have my morning coffee, so I think it may have something to do w/ my glucose.
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I only do it for medical tests, but you will get a different answer out of me, I hate the idea for catabolic reasons, as well as metabolic, so I think it depends on your purpose of implementation. Agent's right, if it's for fat loss (not Crohns health), it's very ineffective, you'd be better off cutting your arm off to "lose weight" than to fast and think it'll be lasting or "good weight" (the body is a cunning machine, and will adapt to a fasting, dropped weight will be the kind you don't want to lose, and you'll end up rebounding again, with a higher fat ratio most likely)

If I go too long without food, I get dizzy and nauseaus.

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Heh! heh! I'd forgotten all about the "prep" fast! I absolutely hate that. Obviously being TOLD to do it is not good... even without the dose of laxatives and picolax!
I'm sure the effect on your blood sugar levels on a water only fast could lead to some bad side effects, but I don't understand enough about that!
I used to allow myself some freshly squeezed orange juice and some fresh carrot juice (mmm... carrot juice)!
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ive gone a few days only drinking sugard hot water. but that was when i was quite ill a few months ago. i wouldnt really recomend it.. surley its better to have something in your tummy ( jsut like milk or something liek soup) than nothing at all becasue it might get worse after not eating and then suddenly eating?X
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My body has just sort of wired itself not to eat for a few days at a time. I'll drink fluids like gatorade, water and soda and no food. My brain is just disconnected from the concept of 3 meals a day. When I'm really trying to feel better though I just stick to 3 to 4 cans of boost a day and water. Definitely helps the guts settle and I feel much much better.
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Yep I go through phases of not eating for several days. Just end up not interested in food at all and dont feel hungry. As Drew I tend to stick to fluids only and feel much better and content. Thankfully because I am overweight I can "afford" in some respects to do it.

Shows some of the quirks of this disease I guess....


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I'm curious about trying this but anytime I go more than a few hours without food I start feeling sick, dizzy, weak, ill.

But when I've been forced to fast, due to medical tests, once I get past that phase I feel much better, almost "light" and "clear."
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Hi All..

I was fasting for several days before my medical test. At that time I was not feeling hungry.
But its depend upon you how you manage this things. Sometimes it is good for health and sometimes not.

If you think you are able to do it then go for it.I feel much better after doing this.
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Hi everyone,
after a series of do-it-yourself experiments to defeat a CD, I finally did fasting for 38 days. Believe it or not, it acted like a miracle and till today (2.5 months after the end of fasting) I am free of all CD symptoms and on no medication. I did it with a doctor's tacit agreement but without any supervision.

The majority of people thinks that fasting is a negative process. Let's look for some facts. Normal body survives without any food for 40-70 days while a body looses up to 20% of its weight. Such time period ensures the reversibility of all mechanisms with no permanent damage. Two things are mandatory for successful and safe fasting: i) free will with a decision to undergo the fasting process and ii) a returning diet. Before this 38 day fasting, I had had experience only with a one day fasting and knew that I can easily survive. During the 38 day fasting, I was normally working in academia, rode a bike and doing smaller manual work.

Here are some details which might serve for the others. It's much easier than you might have thought.

During the fasting, I drank only 0.5 liter of vegetable home-made juice (3 parts of beetroot, 1 of carrot, 1 of celery, 1 of radish, one small potato) sip by sip until the noon. Such a juice is known in the fasting for cancer so I knew I can survive on that. Besides that, I drank various herb teas for blood cleaning and anti inflammatory (nettle, salvia, calendula, knotgrass, yarrow, horsetail, balm) in the amount ~2.5 liter a day. Absolutely no food is allowed during the fasting and eating is a hazard with your life. Last week of my fasting, I added home-made juice from red currants (0.3 l/day). From time to time, I had a broth from one onion.

First day I felt a little hunger and fought with the fact not to eat for more than a months. The third day I experienced an acidotic crisis which resembles a light hangover. Walking like 10 km in the nature helped to cope with that and to feel much better. After the fifths day I felt absolutely no desire for food it was just a matter without an interest. I stopped to take my medication for CD. This is mandatory since the medication effect goes one order of magnitude higher and it's necessary to consult with your doctor before. But at that time I felt absolutely no problems in my belly. Roughly the eighth day my psychics began to change. I was very phlegmatic and full of psychical energy as never before. A lot of things did not bothered me and I felt as a newborn. This lasted more or less to the end of fasting so I was very productive in my academic job The thermal regulation of my body was bad and I had to dress a lot. Around 18. day the acidotic crisis repeated. Not much changed during last days and I was losing like 0.15 kg a day. Acceptable weight loss is generally taken as 20 % without any irreversible damage.

The weight serves for me as an indicator of healing. The Crohn's disease was diagnosed in my 28. But since my 18th birthdays I have had +-64 kg which I think was already the CD indicator (height 178 cm). Immediately after the fasting the weight dropped to 55 kg as the lowest weight ever and one month after ended in 71 kg which stabilized and has remained till today.

Before fasting I eliminated all unhealthy food and that possibly causing an intolerance; milk, carrageen, white flour, refined sugar, red meat, salami. The CD improved but I was still on Pentasa as the mildest medication currently used against an inflammation. I saw blood in my stool with a lot of mucus, suffered from iron deficiency and feeling pain in the intestines.

After the fasting nothing of that is evident. The blood tests were perfect 5 days after the end of fasting which signalized no deficiency to my body. Now I feel perfectly, visiting bathroom 1-2 a day for pooing with a normal stool consistency. I still keep that elimination diet with a lot of vegetable and fruit. So far I consider myself to be healthy! For fasting, I needed no special medication and the cost is minimal just to buy juicer, vegetable and herbs. Studying the literature of fasting, I found myself to be a typical example. According to some literature, the gastroenterology problems and CD are very responsive to fasting. So nothing new in the world.

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