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Back/butt pain

I have had longstanding mild joint problems but since the onset of my (undiagnosed) ibd-ish symptoms June this year I also developed new joint symptoms. I have sjogrens syndrome which causes fleeting arthritis generally in the hands and feet.

My lower back has been killing me and the pain is generally only when lying down or at least most severe. The other problem is pain in what I can only describe as the centre of my butt cheek. This is exacerbated for example when standing on one leg to put on trousers or any weight bearing on my legs.

I have told my rheumatologist and he didn't really pay much attention, said it was probably due to gaining weight on pred and my muscles readjusting but this was going on before the weight gain and I'm not even overweight or anything. I have a job which is hard on the back but I don't experience much if any pain while working, only when lying down. Waking up in the morning can be brutal.

Anyone experienced anything similar?
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Sorry to hear about your pain, I get lower back pain that makes my legs ache constantly and was recently diagnosed with sacroileitis which goes hand in hand with crohn's. I find stretching exercises help when my butt cheeks are hurting - Put one foot on the other knee (while lying down) then lift that knee towards the chest hold for 30 secs lower and repeat a few times then do the other side - helps a lot with butt pain. Hopefully this will give you some relief.

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