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6 week dose infliximab/remicade

Just want to let everyone know that i'm going for my 6 week infusion in the morning.I think it's different in some country's as i think i've seen that some have injections.In England,it's a 2 hour blood infusion but hey.Just rambling on because i'm a bit nervous after finding out that my hospital has only done it on an 8 week cycle.Think i'm a nervous pa tient any way and always read more into things.Maybe some of you relate to that.I hope it all goes well and i get to eat a decent sized meal and maybe it will be just the right amount of time for me.Still have a niggle about my throat swelling as it did clear after a couple of weeks and if it happens again,'ll know that it's a side affect and try and get something to counter that.Well have a wicked xmas,prob won't be on till after so will let you all know how it's going
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Hope it goes well tomorrow for you hun. Out of interest when you had your last infusion were you given anything beforehand to prevent a reaction? When I was on this med the nurses would give me a shot of something (Benedryl I think) first and then start the Remi.

Wishing you a Happy Xmas!

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My son is on 6 weeks infusions for remicade.
So are many other little kids.
SO far no issues.

Second the benadryl and tylenol beofre the infusion.
Throat swelling can be very serious is your GI aware of this?

Please make sure the nurses and the GI know about this prior to starting the next infusion.
There are meds that can be given or they may do some other things.

Good Luck.
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