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View Poll Results: Is exercise important in controlling your disease?
Yes and I try to exercise regularly 51 59.30%
Yes, but I do not exercise 11 12.79%
Yes, but I am unable to exercise currently 12 13.95%
No 9 10.47%
Other (explain in post) 3 3.49%
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05-27-2010, 09:37 PM   #31
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exercise id suppose to help release toxins too. CD makes your body store many toxins. So I think exercise helps
05-28-2010, 07:02 AM   #32
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Hi Penny,

My name is Adriana, I have crohns desease for over 20 years. I started with humira about 20 days ago, I have had already 6 injections.

i was not feeling the abdominal pain before but after I got my last 2 injections, I am feeling worst than before.

I am having lots of abdmonal pain for the last 3 days and diarrhea. Do you think could it be the Humira??? how long did it take for you to have the benefit of Humira?

Hi Adrilima, sorry this is way so late, even changed my acct since then. The Humira only worked for bout 4months, it peter'd out and have been on multiple meds since then. Now I am on Methotrexate and so far seems to be helping alot better than any other med I have taken. My Gp says methotrexate is the old drug coming back to life with keeping flares down. It it isnt perfect yet but it is gettting there. When you have symptoms from a drug like you did before, it usually means the drug isnt for you. What are you taking now? Sorry for the late reply. Just saw it today.
06-24-2010, 06:43 PM   #33
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After my surgery I feel great so I'm hitting the gym a lot and I've gained 30 pounds back!
I just want to be in shape next time this comes back, hopefully this aza does the trick for a while.
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06-25-2010, 02:26 AM   #34
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I've had a good amount of my energy return over the past 1.5 weeks (thank you, Salofalk) and have tried to get significant exercise at least 6 days out of each 7. Have been playing tennis, swimming, and going to spin class, woo hoo! I'm slow, it hurts, 7 or maybe 8 toes fell asleep in spin class yesterday, and recovery is brutal, but it feels amazing to be moving again. I'm with Zalanicht -- hoping to be in good shape to help in the battle the next time symptoms get bad. And of course I want to get some of this extra weight off and resemble my pre-Crohn's self!
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07-29-2010, 09:33 AM   #35
Jim Gonsler
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I've been dealing with this disease for 39 years now. Almost died from it in 1970 from a bowel obstruction and later complete perforation of my intestine. I started a rigorous excercise schedule after the surgery (just to get back to being able to walk right), including bike riding, weight lifting, walking, etc. Since then, thank God, I've been relatively incident free. I still stay as active as I can at my age and lately I've been taking a special natural supplement that further helps me to control the disease and helped my joint pain as well. It even has increased my energy level a lot.

07-30-2010, 05:08 AM   #36
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Hi Jim and

Wow you're a Crohnie veteran! It would be great if you could post in the Your Story Forum so it doesn't get lost in this thread. You have so much to offer this forum and I wouldn't be the only one interested in your exercise regimes and the natural supplements that have allowed you be relatively incident free for many years.

I'd really love to see you stick around so we could get to know you better and maybe "pick your brain".

Welcome aboard!

All the best,
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.

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