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I guess.. I think.

Last night I had a London discussion/argument with my wife. I now think I am depressed. I didn't realize it before we talked, but it does make sense.
I feel less of myself, like everyone around me is better off. I think part of that is because I'm a Marine, and feel like I have something to prove. Truth is, she is right. My whole world changed around me and it did it very quick!

She thinks I should talk to someone, maybe get put on a med. she was reading that a lot of times anti-depressants help with chronic pain, which I have, and tramadol does nothing for.

I guess I'm just looking for another opinion before I take that step.
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Sorry to hear you're having a rough time I know about the frusterations of ongoing challenges. I'm there too. Back in a flare myself. Do think it'd be a good thing to see about getting checked out if you're in that much pain. Also, hopefully some ideas could come about to help you with this. Hang in there & take care.
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Depression is just as real a medical issue as the chronic pain. I hope you can seek some treatment for both that will help and make you feel better. Chronic pain wears you down, and can make you feel depressed. Here's to you feeling better soon.
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Sorry to hear what you're going through, Usmcjones.

Like Lisa said, depression is a medical condition. It's related to a chemical imbalance. Depression does not reflect negatively on you at all.

Please let us know what you decide to do. We're here if you need us!

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Sorry to hear about what you are going thru. I think all of us Crohnies have been there, multiple times for some of us. My first GI never suggested pain meds, or anti depressants, but there are times I definately could have used both. Hugs, and keep us posted!
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I have severe depression and anxiety . Please dont wait to get treated. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right therapy and meds to help you. I am currently in a daily program to treat mine. Its taken such a large toll on my fam. I feel awful about it but I have tried so much to defeat it that Im just now understanding its chemical and not something I can control on my own.
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Sorry to hear what you have been going through. Depression is nothing to play around with, because usually it will just get worse, and that isn't a good thing on many levels. The people around you also suffer. Like stated before, it is a chemical imbalance and it can take a couple of tries to find the right med that will help. Talking to someone well help too. I have had severe depression on and off all my life. I used to just do meds, but when I finally talked to a psychologist, I could learn how to understand I was going through and how to think and act on things differently. It may take finding the right psychologist who you feel you "click" with. But...on top of everything else, having a chronic illness just adds to everything in stress and anxiety. Even if you just start with some anti depressants, you will start to feel better mentally and that will significantly help on all levels. Give the meds at least 2-6 weeks to work before you start to feel differently. I remember the first time I took anti depressants and about two weeks later I woke up and could actually "see and feel" the sunlight and actually felt happiness. It was a great eye opener to realize how much I had been and felt in the dark. Hope that makes sense. Take care. **hugs**
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Also, if you are allowed to seek care off base, I can highly recommend Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Care (behind Schilsky Chiropractic at Henderson/Western Ext.) They are the best in town. They have awesome doctors and therapists. The main owner/founder, Dr. Mikhail, is wonderful, as is Dr. Lilquist. They listen to you, and most importantly, they believe you and treat you accordingly.
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I have to agree with everyone else...there is no harm in getting evaluated for depression. Even if ou find that you don't have "depression", having a place to talk about everything that you are going through might help you sort through everything.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance, but there are other causes as well, suffering from chronic pain being one of them. Depression can also be caused by various medications, so you might want to ask your doctor to prescribe a different type of pain med as well.

Many find relief with anti-depressants, but they have limitations and don't necessarily work on everyone.

But then again, they may, especially if you can find one that also helps bring some relief from the chronic pain. So I would think it's worth a shot.

Just keep in mind that you may have to try several different types of meds before finding one that works for you. So if your doctor prescribes a med. that isn't producing the desired effect, ask for something else.
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I suffer from depression and have for many years. I encourage you to seek the attention of a phsychiatrist for meds and not your GP. I was so sick until I sought the help of a good shrink and now I am doing so good. Just my 2 cents
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Hi there, I'm a military wife at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. My husband is a CDR and Doc at the hospital. I totally understand about having depression and Crohn's. You do have have Crohn's, correct? In regards to the depression you truly need help. You need to be on some regulated med to help out. Tramadol is more for pain and sleep. I've been through every anti-depression med out there and finally have settled on Xoloft and Klonipin to help me out. What other meds are you on? Do you take anything to help you sleep like Trazadone, Lunesta or Ambien?
I'm happy to listen to any struggles you're going through and all. I can totally understand the military pressure and confusion. Do you have any kids?
Let me know how I can help and even just listen. Enjoy your new years.

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Thanks everyone. That's why I love this place! Here in a day or two, I'm going to talk to my medical officer about going to see someone. I really am thankful for all the posts.
Thanks again

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