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Possible yeast infection in arm pit & ear

Not 100% sure.
I bought OTC cream and it only makes it worse, gets really red, spreads a bit, and looks splotchy.

It's gotten better since I left it alone and have done some diluted apple-cider vinegar and acidophilus washes but still there. I make sure to keep the area dry and I avoid using deodorant except on a need-to basis (going out in public).

I know it's not a reaction to my deodorant, one because it's only one pit and two because I've had deodorant reactions before and had to stop using Old Spice and Rite Guard and the reaction was more burning and inflamed, this is itchy, dry, and for a while there were pus-filled pores and lumps beneath the skin.

Well the lumps and pus-filled pores have gone away but it's still itchy and dry, redness varies day-to-day.

I see my doctor on the 5th and will mention it, but wanted some opinions.

For the record I had similar symptoms in my crotchal region a few months ago during the summer: itchy, dry, I didn't know what it was, thought it was just dryness, so I applied topical moisturizer like a moron and it got worse. Did the OTC cream and again symptoms worsened, started to spread down my leg in splotchy red patches, got really moist and itchy.

I stopped the cream, and made sure to dry thoroughly after showering (I used TP because it's more absorbant than a towel, might leave some dust but it did the trick) made sure to sit with my legs spread, the hard part was preventing sweating at night.

Well my pit I generally keep sweat free, I go shirtless when possible (lucky me this room is so hot it's snowy outside and I have the window opened because 2 computers, a running freezer, and it's on the sunny side of the house... idk but it maintains a constant ~90+ degrees while the rest of the house is 70s.
I dry with talcum powder when I have to after showering, and like I said applying ACV topically, but not cured, just improved.

Also have something in the crease behind my ear, in the back where it meets my head, it gets scabby and if I pick the scab it drains clear or yellowish. Had this for ages I just kind of tend to forget it's there because of the location.

I've had a doctor-diagnosed yeast infection in my scalp before. It was right in the middle of my forehead where my hair parts, a red, raised area, very itchy and would scale over, this isn't quite the same.

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