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Imuran and colds/flu


I have been on imuran for a month now. When I was put on it my GI only told me to try and stay away from sick people because it would be easier to get sick. But she never told me if I needed to worry or contact her if I do get sick.

Normally I would just let the cold/ flu run its course with little to no cold meds. I'm guessing its fine to still do that or do I need to be doing something else?
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Your immune system will be lower than others so best to try and stay away, but sometimes people pass on the virus when they have no symptoms.

I tend to live my life as normal and hope for the best. Although I do get flu shots (not the spray as that has live virus') every year just in case.

I was told to see a doc if I had a sore throat as this could be a sign of a low white cell count (but again I leave it for a week in case its just a normal sore throat).

With illnesses I leave it for my body to fight off (there isnt much else to do as antibiotics dont work for colds IIRC). Although if it seems to be lasting way too long or I get very ill I suggest a trip to the docs.

I think you know your body best, just listen to it and if it doesnt seem right get an appointment
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In terms of colds / flu, I usually get a cold each winter and haven't really noticed much of a change since starting Imuran. I had a couple of colds last year after having the Imuran upped to 200 mg (now at 150mg) but I attribute this to having a toddler in the house.

I will take a decongestant if my sinuses get stuffed up or cough syrup (Robitussin) if needed. The cold meds just handle the the symptoms and not the virus.

I have gotten a flu shot each year for the past 14 years and am of the opintion that this helps in avoiding the flu.

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My daughter had less colds this year while on aza. we were told to be more concerned about the flu and to take symptoms of the flu seriously.
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Getting a flu shot is a good idea. If you get a cold without a fever, I would advise treating it like you normally would. If you have a low grade fever and it lasts two or more days, then I would advise contacting your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor will be able to treat you for flu, viruses and respiratory infections. If it happens frequently or if the infections take longer than usual, then you might want to discuss it with your GI doctor, who might have you get blood work done. The point is, don't worry unnecessarily but call either your GI doctor or primary care doctor if you feel ill and have questions.

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