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Sad, mad, depressed... son diagnosed with Crohns

Hi, I'm Linda and mom to Travis. I have had Crohn's for 25 years. Over Christmas, my 19 yr old son was diagnosed with Crohn's. Needless to say, I feel horrible!! I'm on Humira and it works for me so our GI started him right on the Humira. Unfortunately, he just started a military career (I had to send him back to base today :-( ) and now we wait to see if the military will discharge him. It's been his dream for a long time.... so now I feel horrible about "giving him" (yes, I know) the Crohns as well as it affecting his career.

My GI wanted to put him on 6mp along with the Humira, but we opted not to due to an increased risk of certain type of cancer. Does anyone else here have a teenager on Humira? Any advice?
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I'm afraid I don't really have much advice I just wanted to give you support and say that you haven't 'given' your son the disease at all - and because of your experiences you will be best placed to help him through and difficult times - lets hope the Humira works as well for him as it does for you. xxxxxxxx
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Thanks Suzysu! Logically, I know I haven't given it to him.... I guess I'm still trying to process this, as I'm sure he is. We've talked and cried together and he seems to have his head on straight. I just hate this for him. I'd take double crohns if I could so he wouldn't have to have it.
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You both have the strength to get through this no matter what xxxx
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Hugs Agent99. I know my husband feels the same about "giving" our oldest Crohn's. Just as you did when you were diagnosed he will find a new normal/career path with or without the military.
You are in a great spot to offer advise and coping skills as you have already blazed that trail.

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Hi Agent and welcome

I'm sorry you and now your son are both now diagnosed.
The bright side is with all of your experience, you will be a wealth of knowledge and support for him.

My daughter is 19 and has been taking Cimzia (another biologic) for about a year and a half now. They have just recently started her on Imuran as well, as the Cimzia alone doesn't seem to be enough anymore.
The possible side effects are indeed scary, but we always try and remind ourselves that the benefits will out weigh the risks, because without these meds they would be so much worse off.

I'm sorry to hear about the possibility of losing his dream in the military. I have two friends who were diagnosed with Crohn's while in the military, and unfortunately they were both discharged. This was many years ago tho, so maybe things have changed and there's a new way that they will allow your son to stay.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both!

Take care, and I wish you the best of luck!
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So sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis and how it may affect his military career. My son was diagnosed earlier this year with CD, he is 16. Since age 11 he has attended a military school and from 14 of course enrolled in JROTC. His plans were to go to college through the ROTC program. This is now not an option since he has been diagnosed. He is struggling a bit with the idea that the military is no longer an option for him due to CD so I can imagine the struggle of your son having already enlisted.

There are a few military members on here that may have more insight about how a dx is handled. I do remember one military member stating that as long as he didn't have to report for a medical board then he could remain in the military but that was going to be difficult with all activity of his illness. You may want to use our search engine and type in military to see what threads come up.

Hope he gets into remission quickly!
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Thank you, everyone!

My son returned to base today and had to meet with the doctor immediately. They have already started the medical review board. So, I guess it won't be too long and they will discharge him.

I look forward to sharing and learning right along with all of you.... I hate this disease and I doubly hate it that it affects our young people.
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Hugs ..
So sorry about the medical review board
At least he has you and you "know" the ropes.
Which is a very good thing.
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I don't have any advice, but wanted to offer my support. YI have an 11 year old who was diagnosed 3 years ago, Dec 2009. First *unoficially* with Crohn's and then in Jan 2012 they changed her diagnosis to ulcerative Colitis.
You know you didn't *give* him crohn's (((hugs))) but with your personal knowledge, I'm sure that will help.
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Sorry to hear about your son! Just wanted to send a hug!

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Sorry to hear about your son. It is horrible to watch them suffer! I can understand your feelings of guilt. There is no Crohn's in my family except for my son and I still feel bad for "not making him right". I hope it isn't too traumatic for him to be discharged from the military and he manages to find another career path to enjoy.
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Sorry to hear about your son. My husband was discharged from the military too a few years back, he has crohns too and my 9 year old son was disagnosed nearly 3 years ago also. just want to wish you and your son best of luck and hope he gets into remission soon. xx
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Hi Agent99! While only 13, my son has been on Humira for 1.5 yrs now! He's had no problems with it. You obviously know the risks associated with it. Just remember how small the GI's told you those risks are compared to crohns unchecked. I hope it works well for your son. Fingers crossed for the medical review.
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Awwwwww, THANK YOU to all!! Your support gives me the warm fuzzies.

I'm usually a very positive person, but I think I'm just going thru a "grief" process... my son is too. He really wanted to be a pilot someday. We will get thru this ..... I just worry about the future. He needs medical insurance and he needs a way to go to college if he is discharged from the military. Not being military myself, it's hard to figure out how to advise him. I've had a couple people private message me from this site who are/were military and I appreciate that very much!
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No problem! Glad we could be of help!
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Welcome to the board and so sorry to hear about your son's dx. My son, 11, is doing well on both Humira and 6mp right now. The latest research shows that using 2 medicines seems to kick in remission more effectively, they sort of fill in the holes of the other because they each act a little differently with the immune system. Best of luck.
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Glad you've found the forum but so sorry you had to.

We'll be thinking about Travis.



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Hi Agent99 and

I am so very sorry to hear about your lad and what this diagnosis means for his future. I know yo know this is not your fault but that is easy to say but hard to convince yourself of at times, ay? I think you are spot on with the way you are feeling, it is a grieving process and a very normal and just way to feel.

Although my daughter did not make into the armed forces she started university with that intention firmly in her mind. She was 9 months into her first year when she found out that she would not able to enlist because of her Crohn's. She was devastated at the time and did take it hard as she was and still is firmly in remission. She ended up changing her tack and found other passions to direct her energies into. She has a deep sense of loyalty, hence the armed forces, and a desire to make a difference so has turned her attention to politics and perhaps the Police Force.

We have no experience with biologics at this end but both of my children take Imuran as a maintenance medication.

I hope your son responds well to the Humira and he soon on top of things and feeling fab. Good luck!

Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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no advice re humira and 6mp. wanted to say hello and that I'm sorry that u had to find your way here.
there is no crohns in my family but I am the autoimmune link...I used to wonder if I would have done anything differently had I known. (((hugs))
personally I would like to try the humi on him before considering t he addition of 6mp.
wishing you strength...
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