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Imuran nightmare

My husbands GI doc put him on Imuran and it was a nightmare, after being on it for 3 weeks his Lipase levels skyrocketed and he got pancreatitus, and he felt like hell. He has Crohns and the doc thought it would be a good maintenance drug for him...NOT SO! So he has been off Imuran and ALL meds for about a month and is feeling better than he has in a long, long time. He is also on an anti inflammatory diet now, which I believe is helping him immensely!
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I am sorry to hear of his reaction. My son had something similar but they caught it before it got to that point. Is your husband getting any sort of regular monitoring for inflammation? Dr.'s will often check inflammatory levels in the blood but for some they can remain normal when there is damage being done. Sometimes it can take years but the damage slowly gets worse. They have a newer test called a Fecal Cal that measures inflammation through a stool sample. My son gets one every 6 months. If we made the choice not to be on a maintenance med I would definitely want to make sure he had regular testing to make sure there wasn't damage occurring.

Hope your hubby continues to feel well. (((((Hugs))))))
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I too had a hard time with Imuran. I started to feel sick, had cold sores all the time, and have general fatigue and body aches. My quality of life while on it sucked. I was taken off that and now feel fine.
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