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Maybe? Ulcerative Colitis

I don't know what type I have yet and the diagnosis is in the beginning stage but I was diagnosed with Colitis last week. I was in a lot of pain and ended up in the emergency room under a cat scan. I have been placed on antibiotics which have done a great job of healing the pain. I still have a little pain and soft stools. Will my abdomen ever feel normal again or will I always have this bit of quesiness with the soft stools? Do I have to change my diet completely when/if I feel good again? I'm confused about all of this.
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Hi artztrish and welcome to the forum. i am glad that you are feeling better on the medications. The question that you asked about when will you feel normal again ti can depend of the extent of the disease. Sorry to say in me own personal experience I have had loose stool and abd pain for 6 years with no relief. There are others that heal up and have no further problems.

Hopefully your dr will be able to accurately diagnose you and get you a good maintenance drug that puts you into remission.

This is a great place to get information and a listening ear to help you through a rough time. Please feel free to ask anything out of this large family usually somebody can relate no matter crazy the situation may be.

Please keep us updated we have a undiagnosed club here is the link to it.
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Welcome to the forum!

I thought I'd offer what info I've collected that might help... I've found that the IBD Differentation Panel (or Prometheus, but more $) is highly specific/sensitive for determining between CD and UC. Supposedly for up to 15% of people with IBD, a specific diagnosis is not possible through biopsies.

They test for IgG and IgA ASCA, as well as pANCA and some other antibodies.
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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Do you have any tests coming up to try to find you a definite diagnosis?

To answer your questions... It depends on what your diagnosis is. But, in remission, you will have less problems, although it's likely that there will still be the occasional loose stool, nausea, and pain. With the proper treatment, whatever that may be for you, you will feel better than you do now. You might not have to change your diet, but you might find that you feel better if you do. Some people drastically change their diet, while some make no changes at all, and others avoid foods they know to upset their stomach. The best thing to do is pay attention to that - keeping a food journal is the easiest way.

I hope you can feel better soon!

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