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To port or not to port?

Hello everyone, I have been getting Remicade infusions for a year now. I have always had terrible trouble with my veins blowing during infusions and blood work and IV's. Recently my nurses at the hospital infusion center told me I am a candidate for a port. Has anyone here had experiences with a port? What is it like to have one? Is is bothersome and does it hurt? Also, I'm concerned how I will look in a strapless dress since I need to wear gowns frequently for my work.
Any advice or input will be greatly appreciated!
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I also am on Remicade and have terrible Venous access, 2 months ago I had a Power Port implanted. At first I hated it....just did not feel natural and I was actually scared to have it used. After they used it for the first time I felt so much better. I was in the hospital for 7 days and then I was really glad for the more IVs blowing. They did everything via my port and I can honestly say that I am very grateful for it now,.
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I've had a port for a year now. You should have no problems where strapless dresses. You'll have a small scar where they insert the port and your skin might be a little raised. I'm about 20 pounds under weight so my port is pretty visible. When it was put in it was really sore for a few days, I wasn't really able to use my right arm, but a few mild pain killers worked fine. The pain seemed to linger for a few weeks but now I don't even notice it. I use mine all the time and have to needle in on my own. My suggestion is to grab some emla cream. Its a numbing cream and apply it on the port about 45 minutes before you need to have it accessed.
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