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Dental cavities

Izz just had a cleaning and I am SHOCKED that she has a cavity! (Well, not visible, but one of the fancy machines they use says she does).

I can't help but wonder if it is related to a calcium deficiency related to Crohns...anyone have any experience?
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crohnsinct might be able to help. I think O has dental problems.

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Our Izzy has cavities in both front teeth at 3 and a half. I think it's something to do with how she holds her upper lip against her teeth all the time, very tight. I've got to get her to a dentist as soon as I figure out this mess with my FSA/HSA...
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I know Johnny lost a tooth and the darn thing literally broke in half it was so fragile. I called the dentist and she said it wasn't completely abnormal. But I am with you, I can't help but think it might have something to do with being vitamin deficient. Johnny did have a dexa scan done though and his bone density is normal.

Have you though about sealants? Johnny has not had a cavity since we have done them.
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Not alot of problems but yes, early cavities, fragile teeth, had to have teeth pulled because they wouldn't fall out and adult teeth were coming in sideways. I have read dental problems are common with IBDers and O's dentist and oral surgeon agree.

Also for some reason O's teeth just get more build up than my other kids. Faster too. According to dentist also thanks to IBD. Now she uses an electric toothbrush to help get a really good cleaning in.

Your theory is probably right Ang. Calcium & vitamin deficiencies.
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Sarah's jaw is completely messed up and she needs orthodontics but we haven't got the budget for it yet. She also has teeth coming in sideways and some big gaps in her upper teeth on one side.

My teeth are so straight even with 30 years of Crohn's that dentists frequently ask if I've ever had braces.

So.. who the heck knows?
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C has fragile teeth too, the build and we are scheduling dental appts to get a cavity fixed. We have dental insurance but it's not near as good as our health, I think since their CD can be affecting their teeth then health ins should cover that too!!!
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Ibd kid = no cavities
Other child - lets just say we are very familiar faces at the dentist including multiple sealants put on-ugh
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Alex has had a few cavities in baby teeth, I'm not shocked, he has a huge sweet tooth like me. I think the vitamin deficiency could be an effect, and certainly, he's growing them slower. One of his front top baby teeth was twinned too (looked like two smaller teeth fused together), but the permanent one came in normal. Odd kid! I do think the electric toothbrushes do a better cleaning job.
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Gab has perfect teeth ~ only had one tiny (not visible by the eye) cavity in a baby tooth.
She had braces, but her teeth weren't even that crooked before them.

JJ and Austin however, had awful baby teeth !
They both now have beautiful adult teeth, but Austin has had a ton of cavities in a lot of them as well

Our orthos opinion on JJ's bad baby teeth was because he was so sick with ear and upper respiratory infections until he was about 3 years old.

I'm with Muppet ~ who knows ! LOL
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It's what I get for not doing sealants last time. I was concerned about the BPA exposure (we don't do plastic food containers/cups for this reason).

It weirds me out that they use a machine to tell them if you have a cavity...whatever. THey tell me she has deeply pitted teeth and she will get more cavities without sealants.
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No issues with cavities here Angie, neither have any fillings.

Dusty. xxx
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Also for some reason O's teeth just get more build up than my other kids. Faster too.
Lot of build up here as well.

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