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Exercise and Sleep trackers?

Guys does anybody have any recommendations on exercise and sleep trackers? I'm looking at the fitbit flex below and wondering how valuable it would be to have something that could track exercise (training for a run) and sleep in particular.


Any other tips from those who have got back into running after some time off?
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I'm about to start a Couch to 5 K program.


There's a bunch of them out there now but all the same basic idea. I've heard great things but I can't give direct feedback quite yet...

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The fit it flex sounds really interesting, but it hasn't come on the market yet, so there's no way of knowing at this time now well it will perform.

The sleep monitor sounds especially intriguing, but I also see it functions based on body movements, more specifically, on wrist movements. There's at least one other product on the market that uses a headband to record the various types of "brainwaves" to determine sleep cycles, which I would think would provide more accurate readings.

I noticed the Flexfit also doesn't have a heart monitor, which I personally would prefer over a sleep monitor for exercise training purposes. A number of the newer heart monitors don't require a chest strap, and can read the pulse from your wrist.
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There's some phone apps that measure your sleep pattern, not sure how accurate these things are.
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Thanks all. I used to use a Garmin for running with a heart monitor which worked best for me. I've put in a pre-order on the fitbit so will report back when it arrives. My theory is that will show that when I use the laptop before bed I sleep less because my mind is more wrestless.
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I do own a fitbit and it was kinda cool when I was using it. I do plan to use it more after my next surgery, but it really helps you with keeping up on steps.

It also rewards you when you walk long distances or climb big hills.

The sleep tracker on it works decently, but it counts anytime you makes a big movement as being "awake" which I don't agree with. But how else would it do it externally? So short of strapping electrodes to your brain I'm not sure how to better calculate it.

EDIT: I also use MyFitnessPal to track food and RunKeeper to track running. RunKeeper has some free programs on it that can help you ease back into running (similar to a Couch to 5K deal). If weight loss or gain is a goal, MyFitness Pal is AWESOME. I lost 20 pounds by using that at the beginning of last year.

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