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Other very skinny/underweight guys?

I am a 120 pound young adult male and my normal weight is 170! Are there any other guys out there struggling to put on weight due to this disease? I look sick and weak and my bones are starting to show.

What do you guys find are ways to cope and put on weight?
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Hi, I am the same. I am 105 pounds and 5 ft 5.

It used to really bother me. It still does to some respect. Mainly when it comes to girls as I'm not in a relationship and feel that its my size that gives me a disadvantage.

This is much better now and one of the main reasons was spirituality and self help books. I've learn to only be affected by people I care about and accept myself for what I have. I can put on weight if I try, but it involved a strict high protein diet and going to the gym. The diet alone did not help for me.

One final thing I did a few years ago was get a style advisor for a day. He helped to to find clothes that fit well in high street shops and improve my appearance. This did wonders for my confidence.

I hope that helps!
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I was about 95lbs at 5'9" this June, back up to about 135 now. If you can handle it, the best thing for gaining weight is milk. Dairy protein is one of the best and you can gain an extra 700-800 calories just by drinking 4 pints of the stuff.

Other good foods include things like pasta, rice, noodles. Just set yourself a calorie goal for the day and hit it any way you can (within reason!). If you find you're not gaining weight then you can easily up the calories and see if you are then. Once you start documenting what you ate and counting all the macros then you'll know exactly how much you need to gain some weight.
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If you can't drink milk, (or Ben if you can) add some of whatever type of oil you are not sensitive to whatever you drink. Oils/fats contain twice as many calories as proteins and carbs, but you also need to make sure you consume carbohydrates at the same time--which your body needs in order to fully digest the calories from your proteins and fats.

My husband had that same problem, and found that by adding 1/2 cup of coconut oil to his kefir helped him put back on the weight.
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I found that I lost a lot of weight a while back when I was ill. Once in a better position I started working out (jogging and kickboxing mainly but also keeping as active as possible). This I found helped bring my appetite up and build up my muscles which made me look bigger in turn.

I didnt eating rubbish to help pile on the pounds, but it did make me feel rubbish, so I eat as healthily as I can, having loads of snacks (try keeping some near by like nuts, fruit etc) and 1 main meal (rather than 3 square meals). This seems to be better on the stomach
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When I would try to get weight back on after a drop with a flare, I found peanut butter on toast before bed a good treat to help me put the lbs. back on. My sister in law told me that trick, if you can handle it, it will help.
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Yes, I'm underweight as well. At one point I was around 144lbs now I'm near 119lbs (5' 11"). I try to find an equilibrium between eating healthy foods while not trying to overdo the fats (even if they are "healthy"). I try to focus more on animal fats like (near) raw egg yolks, beef, lamb, turkey etc. and for my carbs I love carrots and sweet potatoes, but I think I put on the most weight when I start with cottage cheese again.

A year or so ago I made it past 140lbs, but I was stuffing myself with nut butters, nuts, guacamole, oatmeal (great vehicle for dairy/bananas and nuts), and gluten free almond flour bread

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