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Flu Shot and Remicade

I was told by 2 doctors and my remi nurse not to get the flu shot. It's also states it in the Remicade pamphlet to not get it. Does this mean the live virus shot or all flu shots? I know some that are on Remicade and got the flu shot.
What are your thoughts on this?

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My son is on remicade and methotrexate, we were going to skip the flu shot but his ped GI thought it was important we got it since our area has been hit hard, so we did.

I do know the ped GI said not to get the live virus which would be Flu Mist but instead get the dead virus which is a shot.
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i am on remicade and 6mp and i get the flu shot every year and luckily I haven't gotten the flu.My GI said to get the shot and not the live virus(nasal spray).i will include the website for remicade that suggest not to get the live virus.
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My doctors suggested I get the flu shot (which do not contain any live viruses).
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I was told to get the flu shot and stay away from the vaccine that that you inhale through your nose.
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My daughter got the flu shot and is on Cimzia.
As others have said, just don't get the nasal spray version, it's a live virus; the injection is dead.
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