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Crohns spouse-guilt anger help

New to this site but only 2 years into learning about crohns. Ok here goes my vent.i met my soon to be hubby (maybe later hubby if the crohns do t release him from hell soon) anyway he told me he had crohns and i googled it and he gave me a half fast version oh i poop alot and get remicade every 6 weeks that makes me sleepy after then im good.case closed.which for 3. Years pretty much seemed the case til october he got very sick pooping,vomiting,not eating or drinking finally after nagging he went to er and they messed him up.put him on enough sterroids to keep him goin for weeks.his head was pounding his blood pressure flew up he was spiking temps.an the whole time the basically said its fine deal with it.well here we are 3 month later and a week after the 1st 4 humira shots an hes not eating again an wants to b alone.i feel so bad cause im so mad he wnt talk to me about it.im sad i cant help his pain and im frustrated cause im raising the 3 kiddos by myself lately.not that its his fault and i feel like an ass with the whole "what about me" line. I guess im not asking any questions really just wana get all my anxiety off my chest.i want remission again so he cN feel normal and get married and continue the super life we had created.just miss the not pained hubby
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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Is your husband currently hospitalized? If not, how often is he seeing his GI? Is he completely off the steroids now? If you'd like to read up a little on Humira, check out the Hello thread in our Humira section (I've linked it for you). I'm not entirely sure how long Humira typically takes to start working, but it seems to usually be a few doses.

You're absolutely justified in feeling frustrated! This is hard on you, too - so why shouldn't you be upset? You don't need to feel as if you're not allowed. As long as you're venting in a safe, non-accusatory way (and posting here is a great way to do that), it's fine. It must be even more frustrating that he won't talk to you. He probably feels guilty (for being sick and leaving you with more responsibility) and is getting frustrated too. Just hang in there - hopefully, the Humira will kick in soon and he'll start feeling better!

Do you think it would be beneficial to him to check out the forum?

Would you be interested in heading over to the Your Story section of the forum and introducing yourself for everyone? If not, it's fine that you have posted here!

I hope things get better for you soon!

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