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Fatigue after meals

A quick question....do any of your kids' symptoms include extreme fatigue within 15 - 20 minutes after a meal? If so, any idea why or what it means?
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I always thought it was because the body is having to use a lot of energy to break to food up and digest.

I get it now when I eat big meals, so I try and have 5 small meals a day (3 small meals + 2 snacks) instead to regulate my energy levels
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Could it be postprandial Hypotension? This would be most likely if he is anemic, dehydrated, having D or active bleeding that would have lowered his blood volume leaving him more likely to experience a physiologically significant drop in blood pressure.

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Matt did occasionally before his op. His appetite at that point was great and when he did manage a decent amount he would get pretty tired after. A bit like after Christmas dinner when we all want a lie down.

I was like Rygon and just put it down to the limited energy his body did have going to digestion.

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Thanks for your replies. Interesting reading re hypotension though he is now only slightly anemic...he cannot eat a cookie without feeling like he has to crawl into bed. Otherwise I do suppose it has to do either with his stricture or just his digestive process since small, softer meals help. His doc is still considering surgery so that may solve the problem. Thanks.
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Like others have said, I was going to ask if it was only after big meals but if you say he feels that way after eating something as small as a cookie then that changes things. Please keep us updated if you get any answers and I hope your son doesn't have to go through too much
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