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MY IBD vs Hurricane Sandy

I was in and out of the hospital due to active disease weeks leading up to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on my hometown. I live in Staten Island, New York. Parts of Staten Island were demolished and it was devastating. I just so happen to be an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and when I saw how my fellow “islanders” were struggling, I knew deep down inside that I had to do something to help. Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I wasn’t letting this disease stop me from saving people. To make a long story short, my work within the disaster area was very successful. I treated hundreds of victims within a 3 months’ time period. Actually, my relief efforts were recognized by the media all around the world; I posted some of the videos below. Anyways, this was the first time that I attempted a major task /workload since being newly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Ankylosing Spondylitis. When I was diagnosed, I was in denial about the possibility of working again or even returning to a normal lifestyle, but Hurricane Sandy was a turning point with my view on this disease. You can’t let it stop you from doing anything. Yes I had a few flares during my relief efforts, but I stayed strong and did what I had to do. I’m sharing this story, especially for the newly diagnosed patients, to show that it’s possible for anyone to make a difference in this world, even if you’re one who suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Media Coverage on Eddie Saman

Eyewitness News (ABC): click here

NY1 News: first story click here
second story click here

Pix11 News: click here

New York Post: click here

Thanks For Reading,

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Well done to you! I think how we behave in hard times shows our true strength of character

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that is so great!!!
This can be a very tough disease, so everyone loves to hear the good stories too.

thanks for sharing. come to the site anytime to get or give support.
take care
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Continue to be hopeful
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Thank You!
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Taking the focus off your own issues is definitely a great way to heal also. Kudos to you!

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