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CT results help please!

Ok here is the result of a CT from one year ago:

"Moderate wall thickening of the left sided Colin and transverse colon without associated mesenteric inflammation. The finding is nonspecific and suspicious for colitis with etiology to include infection, inflammatory, or vasculitis and hypoperfusion. Clinical correlation. No evidence of abscess formation. Colostomy should also be considered. No free fluid or free air."

Anyone know what this means in laymens terms? This is the only test I've ever had that showed any findings. My colonoscopy was six months before this test. It is now 18 months later-should I have a colonoscopy to check if the thickening whatever that is, is still there?

Thank you for any and all help/advice!
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Out of curiosity, what did your doc tell you regarding your CT scan? Why was a colostomy recommend? Do you recall anything you were told?

I goggled transverse colon and found a wonderful diagram that shows where the transverse colon is in your body.

I have to say, I'm so glad you posted this question. I have been having so much pelvic pain & severe constipation for years and no doc was willing to investigate until the later part of last year. I kept saying the pelvic pain was in my colon and not female organs or bladder. I love the picture on wikipedia. It clearly shows that there is a "pelvic colon". I can't wait for the concussion to be healed up so the docs can once again go about the business of solving my colon pelvic pain & severe constipation (I can no longer have a bm without using a laxative.)

Sorry for digressing... Back to your questions:

Vasculitis is inflammation of the blood vessels.

The left sided colon and transverse colon have thickened walls "without associated mesenteric inflammation." This means they do not see any inflammation on the CT scan of the Mesentery or membrane that attaches the bowel or intestine to your stomach wall.

Colitis is inflammation of the colon; also referred to as the large intestine. It appears that they are thinking that the colitis could be caused by any number of things such as an infection, hypoperfusion (Decreased blood flow through an organ), vasculitis (Inflammation of the blood vessels) or some other type of inflammation.

I'm no expert at any of this but I'm sure someone will come along shortly and have some good answers for you and correct any mistakes I might have made.

You probably should have another CT scan to see if there have been any more changes, i.e. increased thickening of the left sided colon & transverse colon etc. A colonoscopy w/biopsy could help identify the underlying cause of your colon issues.

Keep us posted on how things are going.


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Are you sure it said, "Colostomy should also be considered" and not, "Colonoscopy should also be considered."
It's good to be back
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Yes, I thought that too, surely it must have been a typo because I don't think I'd be alive a year and a half later! Thanks

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