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What were you doing 2 weeks post op?

I know everyone's surgery and experience is different. Mine was laparoscopic. Ill be 2 weeks post op on tuesday. In some ways I feel I'm doing better than I thought I would at this point. Hoping some of you can share what kinds of things you were able to do at the 2 week mark and how you felt. Did you go anywhere? As hard a time as I had for a week in the hospital I've been surprised at not needing pain meds for the last several days.

Hope you all have a great day.
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Hi Taytan. It's good to hear that things are going well, and no meds is a good sign. I spent my first week post op in the hospital as I still had a catheter til they could check my bladder was OK after the cystectomy. I did still sleep quite a lot and walked around the ward two or three times a day as I knew on day seven, I would be getting out and going on a short plane ride home!
I still needed my Tramadon now and again in week 2, but I think it may have been cos of the double op and I stopped taking it in Week 3. Friends drove me if I needed to go anywhere and went shopping with me to carry the bags. I still napped a bit during the day when I felt tired. I was able to do very light housework like cooking and washing dishes etc, but no vacuuming or lifting heavy baskets etc.
Mid-week 3, I went to work for a day to see how I got on. I've desk job, so it was fine.
I started driving myself week 5.
Hope that helps :-)
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Mine was laproscopic with hand assist and in two weeks I was able to go to town (28miles) and get my stoma supplies. I was wiped out for the rest of the day. After the thrid week I was able to stay out longer and actually go to town and not sleep the rest of the day. I was not on pain meds other than Motrin and tylanol
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Hi, I'm glad your surgery went well. Two weeks out, I was not on pain meds (extra strength tylenol only) but my first trip out was to the doctor and I was extremely tired after the trip. I was doing better at week 2 than I had expected but I was still extremely sore. I took a nap everyday during week 2 as well. I had laparoscopic ileocecectomy and was in hospital 6 days. At the 2 week mark, I could not bend over very well but I could put on my socks and shoes by the hardest. Picking stuff up off the floor, I bent at the knees and nothing heavier than 15 pounds for the first 6 weeks per dr.'s orders. I still sometimes felt slightly off kilter if I stood up too quickly but I have anemia so it could have been that. I was driving after 2 weeks b/c I was no longer on pain meds that would make me sleepy or disoriented but I think I should have waited a week or two longer as it was hard to turn to look (from twisting sideways). I hope you continue to recover well and I hope this helps.
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Thank you everyone. Your responses really do help me. This recovery process is all I can think about well.. Since that's what I have to do right now!

Vonnie, it is great to hear from you. I wondered how you were coming along. So glad you are doing good. Even though I'm not on painkillers right now I'm not ready to drive. I believe next week, the 3 week mark will work. I also have to get my next Remicade next week, but I have a driver for that. It will be a long day. The surgeon said my stricturing and what they took out was severe. Much worse than they thought. I'm not surprised, as bad as I felt.
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2 weeks post op I was still sleeping during and going for short walk round housing estate still using pain meds every 4 hrs. Sat at home resting and sleeping! I had all of my bowel removed and took three months to recover from it(it was too save my life) and three and a half months before pain went away
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Hi there, glad to hear you're going alright! Two weeks post op I was quite fragile, very tired, and couldn't do much. Going for a short walk was a big achievement. The emotional impact was big for me - I felt extremely vulnerable and was a bit weepy! I also have some amnesia around the time and can't remember much.

When I was unwell it often manifested in feeling really weird weakness in my legs, like I just *had* to sit down. That got a little bit worse after my surgery.

I had laparoscopic ileorectal anastomosis (total colectomy safe for the southernmost 15-20cms) at the age of 28. I was out of hospital in a week, and have had a relatively drama-free post-op experience.

That was 2 years ago. I ran my first 10kms a few days ago

But take it slow - you'll be more tired, more emotional and weaker for a while. Give yourself time
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I'm 11 days post-op right now. I've been up and around for the past 4 days or so. Ventured to the hospital today to have the rest of the staples removed from imy incision and I plan to go to my son's hockey game tonight which is a 2 hour drive, one way. I am still quite sore, especially trying to do things like get in and out of bed or in and out of the truck, etc. Basically anything where I have to get up and down. And I tire very easily and am napping alot. But besides being a bit slower at things like walking, I'm pretty much back to doing everything i previously did. I am still taking pain meds but have went from taking them every 4 hours to taking them about every 6-8 hours. I guess after being in pain for so long, and the surgery removing that pain, I feel like a million bucks, lol. I am ready to get on with life finally Best of luck to you!
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I had surgery when I was 25 - full incision. I was young and scared and it was a longgggg time ago. I remember being really weak and tired the first few weeks. I was also weening off of prednisone which made it worse. 8 weeks post op I traveled from New Jersey to the Cayman Islands.

It was exactly what I needed to complete my recovery.

Hang in there.....
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I had open surgery. 2 weeks post surgery I was extremely tired, underweight, had no energy whatsoever and sat on my bum most of the time. I was still sponge bathing myself at this point and I was eating a really soft and bland diet and I pretty much relied on help from my fiance with day to day tasks such as getting dressed etc. I wasn't on any pain meds and slept fine. I felt pretty all over the place with my emotions but glad to be out of hospital. Best of luck with your recovery.

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