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Fever while on Remicade?

I started remicade roughly three months ago. Since day one I've been great with it. I'm usually a very sickly person and, despite my immune system being suppressed I haven't gotten sick at all. I just finished up the loading phase and on Valentines day I'm due for my 4th infusion. This is my first 8 week stretch without it and I've been handling it pretty well until this morning. I haven't been sleeping right at all, and I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a 100 degree fever. I was wondering, is it okay to have a fever while on remicade? I've read that a fever indicates a reaction to the remicade, but is that true? Isn't it a bit late for that? I've also been a little sniffly and sneezy lately. I think I might just be coming down with my first bug while on remicade.
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It sounds like you may be coming down with a bug vs having any type of reaction. Usually a reaction to the drug will occur within the first 1-3 days of the infusion.

I've had colds, fevers etc while on Ramicde, all have been just that - some type of bug. On a good note - even though my daughter was sick before Christmas with whatever bug was going around (101 plus temp etc)...I never got sick!

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