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Post surgery concerns - This happen to any other males?

Hello. This is a difficult thread for me to start, and may make some of you feel uncomfortable. I do apologize beforehand, but I did clear posting this with a mod.

In May 2002 I had an operation to remove about a foot of my intestines and close an internal fistula (small intestine and bladder were joined) The scar from that surgery starts at above my navel, and straight down to above my crotch.

Since then, I've noticed when there is any kind of weight is placed on/nearby the scar it feels a little uncomfortable, and I feel a pressure very similar to when right before a rather significant bowel movement is coming. I guess I wouldn't be too concerned with this, but it is causing issues when I have intercourse with my wife, and my paranoia about damaging anything kills the moment.

1) Is this kind of discomfort normal? Outside of this since the surgery, I've only had breif minor flareups and the occasional day of diarrhea. If its normal, any ideas on how to handle it?

2) How worried should I be about anything like I described causing any kind of trauma this far out?

3) Could this possibly be in my head? My wife says that when I'm asleep, I'm prone to sleeping on my stomach, which could be putting weight on my scar. When I fall asleep, I usually need to be on my right side, so I have no idea I even do this. I am deathly afraid of doing anything that would cause anything closed up from the surgery to open again.

If some of the material is too much for anybody, and this thread needs to be closed/deleted, I completely understand and respect that decision.

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Hi SilverFire
The forum is here for us to share our concerns and you have described your problem very nicely.At times there are graphic descriptions discussed on the forum, and it helps for people to talk out their problems.
The fact that you are concerned and suffering with this suggest that a visit to your doctor soon., is in order.
You may have a problem there and
it is as well to seek qualified advice about it.
It may be a stricture or scar tissue---let the experts decide and maybe do something to relieve the situation.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Have you spoke to your doctor about this matter? I wouldn't think it would do damage this far out from surgery. It almost sounds as if you may have an adhesion, which can cause pain. I had hernia surgery years ago and had an adhesion form. It was quite painful and caused some problems in the bedroom with the Mrs also. Pressure on that area was very painful. The best advise I can say is to discuss this with your doctor.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Post surgery concerns - This happen to any other males?
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