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Hi I'm just starting to get back into working out..have felt fatigued for a very long time...starting out on the treadmill and doing small jogging intervals...I'm interested in starting to run, but I found in the past strenuous exercise caused my symptoms to worsen...just wondering if anyone has any experience with crohn's and running..or thoughts, advice, etc? Thanks!
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I'm afraid that I don't know much with jogging. But, would like to get back into it myself as well. Only thing I'm wondering is how long you spend at a time at this. Might take some time to get used to physically and might need to try a little smaller intervals (shorter distances) at a time at first. Maybe 1/4 mile so you can learn your reasonable running speed/pace. Have you talked to your doctor about this too? They might have some good ideas as well. Good luck
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I've run a bit and actually worked my way up to a few 2.5 miler and 5K events. When I started out I ran for a minute then walked for a minute gradually increasing the running interval until its a 10 minute run, 1 minute walk (my wife got me onto this she ran a couple of marathons and a few half marathons) - this is where I kept it for running (apparently there is a method for this where the 1 minute walk interval functions as a stretch break).

I kind of asked this question in an earlier thread http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=16672

and there was a thread on here a year or so back about the couch to 5k method (there were a few runners here at one time)

I've meant to get on the treadmill after Christmas (easier to fit in runs this way with a toddler around the house) but I've been sidelined with a horrible cough for the better part of the past 2 weeks. I'm looking to pick it up once I finally shake this cough over the next few days.

Hope this helps, keep us posted. Just noticed you are in NB also.

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I'm a marathon runner, been a runner since before Crohn's and mostly my disease has been fistualas so running wasn't an issue, however the past year has been incredibly frustrating for me and running. I can manage other exercise like cycling, but the impact of running causes too much abdominal pain and trips to the bathroom. The trips to the bathroom I can deal with, I just plan my route accordingly, but the abdominal pain, not so much. When my symptoms are under control, I can still manage to run; I just started remicade, so I'm hoping there will be more running days soon.

P.S. I used to live near Fredericton. Love NB!
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Thanks guys! Yep I'm an NBer ..love it, except for the cold snap right now!!! I am just starting out so I'm walking mostly while throwing 1min jogging intervals throughout the 30mins...seems to be ok right now and I'm using the treadmill to stay close to the washroom So far its not too bad on the belly, and I'm sure it'll take a while to actually be able to jog more than 1 min @ a time!! Been a while since I've stuck to a workout regime, as was feeling crappy (no pun intended) for quite a while...now been feeling better, but quite fatigued so I'm trying to push myself to do something hoping it'll will eventually increase the old energy!!! That's for all your replies!! Good luck to you all, as well!
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Sounds like the 1 minute jogging intervals are working. Don't push too hard that you injure or get sick again and get discouraged. Try throwing in a hill or 2 on the treadmill once you get going, some places like Saint John and Fredericton aren't all that flat. That way if you run outside it the hills will be easier.

Yes, it's quite the cold snap, although it looks like the weather will change this week.

Actually I find running in the cold not too bad once you get out and going, the secret is to dress in layers and not dress too warm because you will warm up pretty quick. The wind and wind chill is the big thing you have to watch for. It's pretty good here now, the footing outside looks pretty good. I walked from the office to the hospital Friday for blood work and did not find it too bad.
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Hey guys, I had ileorectal anastomosis 2 years ago, and ran my first 10kms last weekend Started slowly doing intervals (couch to 5km is great, as is Runkeeper and Nike+, and Zombies! Run!), and built up to a good solid trot with my dog.

I absolutely love it, and I never thought I could do it!

Stick with it and listen to your body
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Probably 2-3 times a week is best, for me. I started having joint pains more frequently when doing more, but this was before I started taking 5000 D3 daily. I should get back into the groove; I only get out to snowboard occasionally in the winter.
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