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SSDI benefits but still receiving pay from employer

I have the fortune of being in a family business started by my father so I would have income if I ever fell ill.
I haven't been able to work since Oct 2012 and feel very guilty that I continue to receive my paycheck. I think my family business would be best to hire someone to take my position.
My understanding is I cannot be receiving any pay for a period if time if I want to apply for SSDI. However, that wold mean giving up my health insurance benefits and income.
My thoughts are that I could have my family lay me off with a severance package that would give me some $$$ to get by until the SSDI came through. With short bowel and severe Crohn's, I don't think I would have much of an issue.
If anyone has applied for SSDI and knows of a good attorney in Florida who could guide me through the process-- or has any other advise, please reply. Thank you so very much!
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I dont know of any attorneys? Yes, you are right. You cannot be working (or getting a paycheck in your case) to get benefits. They can follow your social security number to your paychecks. Would your family company give you COBRA? Would your severance be enough to cover those costs for an extended period of time (as the application process take a very long time). You would not be able to obtain an individual insurance policy on yourself given your Crohn's. Therefore you would need to keep your group coverage. Not sure if that helps you at all? I hope you feel better soon
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I have applied for disability and am waiting for the decision. Yes you can work. You can earn up to $1010 per month. I cut my earnings down to about $800 a month when I first applied and they said that was fine. I have now gotten worse because of inflammatory arthritis due to crohns so I no longer work. But yes you can still have a part rime income. Maybe then you could keep your insurance. Also I applied online, there is a lot of info on the website. Go to social and click on disability. I hope this helps you.
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I think Jilly might be right. There are a lot of variable rules for different scenarios. I don't qualify for SSI (supplemental income portion) as I have too much in savings right now. It is draining fast thought with my COBRA costs... I only qualify for SS Disability. Therefore I dont know as much regarding the part time job scenarios she described. My apologies. I am pretty sure what you make in income would be a variable in determining how much you would receive in benefits (SSI portion). Also, I am pretty sure once you drop to P/T hours, you would legally lose your benefits. If your parents can legally keep you on your insurance at P/T, that would be awesome. I am not sure if that is possible, but it is definitely worth talking to them to see if it is. Jilly, thanks for the reminder of the website. It has been a long time since I have looked at it, so I will go take a look

This road is long and hard and many different variables that play into the decisions. Best of luck to you, and most importantly I hope you feel better!
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I hope you feel better too Jilly!

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