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Claiming back VAT?

Hello all

Ive heard today that if you are disabled or have a chronic illness, then you are allergable to claim VAT back?

is this correct? if so, does anyone know how to find out about claming it back?

thanks x
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Hi, you can claim back VAT/ buy exempt from VAT products and services for your personal use relating to your disability only.

So, if I was to buy a walking stick, I can purchase without VAT added on top.

Most websites have the form (just a few basic questions) when buying such items, which allows you to buy without VAT.

As to claiming it back I have no idea.
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Heres more info http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsP...yType=document

Skirting over it, is seems you can only get it VAT free if its sole purpose is to help with a disability, and that the money will be deducted by the seller (ie you dont claim it back)
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